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Here's what I'm thinking

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I gained a pound this week, and now I am back to exactly where I was one month ago, before Memorial Day Weekend. No, it is not the end of the world by any means. I have a wider perspective than that. Still, it sucks.

It sucks because I have analyzed all my SP reports and thought long and hard about it, but I do not know the reason. It sucks because the effort to lose weight involves constant attention that detracts from focus on other areas of my life. And it has meant sacrifices in my social life--I feel that more keenly now than I did several months ago.

The great news is, I have lost 25 lbs this year, which is huge! I look fit and healthy at size 12-going-on-10. I've lost inches. I have tons more energy. And running is a joy now! I completed the C25K program and have run a couple of 5-K races. Even with the heat and insanely high humidity, I ran 1.75 miles last night at a faster pace, and felt fantastic afterwards. I'm really proud of these accomplishments.

But at the same time, I'm not getting closer to my weight loss goal, and it's creating undue stress that's not healthy.

So here's what I'm thinking. I am about ready to say that for now, I'm fine with where I am.

I do not give up easily, but when something isn't working for me, I'd rather shift my sights and move on, with no regrets, rather than stubbornly bang my head against the wall. Usually the answer to the problem reveals itself in time anyway.

I've reached a crossroads in my career, and that situation needs my full attention right now. Losing the last 20 lbs seems like a great goal to return to this Fall, when it's something I'm excited to do again, not something that creates more anxiety. I plan to keep running this summer and start 5-K to 10-K training in September.

Maintaining my current weight for two months would be a worthwhile goal, I think. I would feel good about accomplishing that, versus continuing to attempt to lose more weight and staying where I am. Shifting one's expectations can make all the difference between pride and disappointment.

However, I am going to hold out until my birthday, which is in 11 days. My goal has been to reach 150-anything by then. It's still possible; but now I would have to lose over 4.2 lbs instead of just 3.2.

What do you think? Have you ever chosen to step away and deliberately give yourself a break from losing weight? Or do you think it's a cop-out? I really want to know--and I promise, my feelings won't be hurt!
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    I would like to relate something that might be of interest to you as this hits pretty close to home for me. I was stuck at a 10 pounds loss for 6 months! Think about that! Losing 10 pounds and then nothing for 6 months. It was about 4 months of doing the same thing and expecting different results and then a month of reevaluating what I was doing, and then a month of tracking food and exercising an hour a day - 6 days a week (p90x) and then....success! A pound and half dropped off one day, then another pound the next week, then 2 the next week. I actually had to increase my calories to get the weight to start dropping.
    I have 35 pounds more to go but it can be done! Hang in there my friend - sometimes autopilot is the answer until you can figure it out and make that body do what you want it to do! LOL.
    ns! Team
    1794 days ago
    Thanks for the good thoughts, guys. Muscle mass is good--my body is changing whether the scale reflects that or not. Eating right and tracking it is such a daily habit, I don't know if I could stop!
    1794 days ago
    You may see weight gain from working out, which is actually a good thing. It means you are building muscle! :D I follow fitness accounts on instagram and they show a lot of fit vs. skinny. The Fit People are the ones that workout and eat right and LOOK smaller, but actually weigh more because of the muscle that they build. I can't say for sure if that is the reason, but it is a pretty good bet. :) I hope that this helps!
    1795 days ago
  • 68ANNE
    It seems weird to'not be trying' but you are so right about all that mental going into finding out why and 'doing it right'. Is it the last 20lbs? maybe, but I'll bet come fall you'll be healthier, happier and probably better off. I'm still trucking along though, otherwise I'll eat to much and jump up another 10. *sigh *
    1795 days ago
    Thanks, I appreciate your understanding. I would need to do something new and different, too, just not sure I have the mental energy to figure that out right now.

    I do like the saying, "If you hate starting over, stop quitting!" But choosing to go into maintenance mode for a certain period of time is not the same as a two month ice cream, burger and beer binge. And the more I think about it, the more I think it makes sense to make the call, rather than risk giving up in helpless frustration.

    Thanks for letting me think out loud!
    1795 days ago
  • _VALEO_
    I'm exactly as the same point as you. I've been losing the same pounds over and over since a few months, and I am fed up. I've tried to cut off bread & cheese, and it has not paid off (yet?).
    I've been trying to focus on my NSVs, but some days it is hard to find any small victories.

    I am still overweight for my size, and my health is at stake so I have no other choice than to keep on what I am doing (obviously it is not working anymore!) or to try something new to help me lose my 10 kilos (about 22lbs.)

    I don't have an all-made answer for you, but here is my try. It seems that you cannot focus on losing weight and your last pounds for the moment, and you have something else more important requiring your attention; you might want to stay "in maintenance mode" for a few months, and resume tracking, measuring and everything else once you can.
    1795 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/27/2013 1:03:17 PM
    Maintenance can be a good thing.

    You have done so well. I understand how challenging it is to stay motivated. Something that works for me is to keep myself busy with other things so I'm not thinking about food. It sounds like you have been doing a lot of running, that's a great distraction!

    Hang in there!
    1795 days ago
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