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Day 277: Making the Most of Your Time

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Here are a few articles that I find worth reading, I too often as much as any other family out there don't have a lot of time as parents to work out. Especially when your day starts early and ends late and you still didn't have time for a formal workout. You can turn everyday stuff you need to do into a workout by pushing yourself harder.

Turn Spring cleaning into Spring Training

Work out with Yard Work

If we all have to do this stuff anyways, might as well make it worth it for calorie burning. I for one, have a riding lawn mower it is broken at the moment. So I have been push mowing my yard since last July...when you have 2 acres that needs to be mowed, and another 2 that should be mowed it can take a toll on you. I used the riding lawn mower last year before it broke only if it was over 80 degrees outside, otherwise I push mowed the rest of my yard for a good work out. And all the house work I do, which I take breaks every 20-30 minutes but I power clean during those time frames. When you have a family of 6 living under one roof there is always plenty to do. As a matter of fact, that is what I need to do today.

In other news, not much here. On and off sick, don't know why. Heat is taking a toll on me lately. My friends took all 4 kids for 5 hours yesterday which was nice so me and hubby could have some alone time. And my second youngest just lost her first baby tooth the other day. She was scared because well she don't like blood and thrilled because the tooth fairy will finally get to visit her. My son thinks the tooth fairy gives out $20 dollar bills, we only ever did quarters with the kids lol. I still haven't been able to get up at 5am to get in my workouts. We often don't go to bed until 10 or 11, but that's our alone time after kids are in bed so I really don't want to cut it out or too short. So I need to find some way around it. I'm thinking about setting up my own alarm on my side of the bed so I get up and get moving popping in my dvd for the mornings...I don't like going out alone walking that early, but I might try some evening bike rides after supper. I've lost some more weight despite not doing much exercise, but being sick and when I'm not just generally eating less is probably helping. Although it isn't toning anything much if I'm not working out. It's been a couple weeks since I've done even strength training. So need to get the ball rolling again. Well time to tackle kids lunch and house cleaning. It's already over 80 degrees, so doubt I will be doing any yard work until tonight or tomorrow morning. Have a great Thursday spark friends.


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