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Grocery shopping with DH - UGH!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

DH and I have very different eating habits - his favorite vegetable is french fries. Really, I'm not joking. He will actually say that.

So when we shop for groceries, he picks out one thing, I pick another. At home, we often have two kinds of bread, two kinds of mayo - you get the idea.

But in a camper van, we compromise.

Today, we're wandering around the supermarket - he grabs a loaf of scone bread. Yes, it looks yummy. Sounds wonderful. Looks like nice thick rich bread. "And," he says proudly, "it only has 225 calories a slice."

A slice!!!!!!! A SLICE!!!!!!!! One slice of this bread has more calories than two slices of normal whole grain (whole meal) bread. And much less nutrition.

So no, I wasn't compromising on that. I grabbed another loaf, said look, this is only 125 calories a slice. Look at this, only 130 calories for two slices.

Eventually he got the idea - 225 calories for a slice of bread - for ONE slice - was just insane. No matter how yummy it might be.

He went and put that loaf of scone bread back, all on his own.

He also didn't like the apples I picked out - sundowners, which are very tasty, and were half the price of the others - but at least he picked out a few red delicious apples for himself.

He's learning. Slowly, kicking and screaming, he's learning!
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