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Getting It Together

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Let's hear it for more roller coastering!!! I spent two hours getting back onto my work email today after helping the new RN get hers set up yesterday. It had kept her name in but when I tried to change back to my name, I should have left instead of what the email said with or whatever. Then I made reservations for one night at Galveston at the cheapest hotel for three HUNDRED dollars and couldn't stand the idea. Found one at Corpus Christi for one twenty and cancelled first one and then called to tell Ron. He freaked out and finally explained that the difference from home to Corpus is the same as the cabin to Corpus which was half as much when going to Galveston. So I had to cancel that one too and we are now going to Port Arthurand getting TWO nights for about the price of one at Corpus. I'm just worried about the lack of waves I see in any online pix. I want the real ocean feel.

Check out my sister and her lil friend with the matching smile!

Came home and had to update more stuff in the budget program that didn't download and checked on the last credit card to be paid for the month. Then I found out that I never paid it last month and I am now six days late. Its not my fault!!! They changed the statement date and when it wasn't ready on time, I forgot to keep checking back like I usually do. I always set up payments for ALL of my bills the DAY the statement comes out so it kills me when these flubs happen. Especially when its one of the 0 per centers and I know late payments make you give it up. But they had mercy on me and gave me a break so now I am on auto. Moved out all the clothes I had in the storage building to give away since I refuse to go back there again and put stuff from pantry and garage in to replace it. Stupid dog had killed a bird and kept trying to present it to me. I decided to try for size 6 capris after work since even the 8s have alot of give now and they fit! Also got a bunch of new tank tops with built in bras so I am ready for the beach. I'm rocking my Freshman year band tshirt from 1978 at work today. Forgot my iPod pedometer at home so I have my tablet for break. Work was awesome all the way til we were finished with report and THEN had a 911. My unit so I handled it but its still weird that the oncoming RN didn't offer.

Taken after work so I have a right to look goofy
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