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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What do so many people come to Sparkpeople to find? Tools? Companionship? Accountability? Competition? Motivation?

Sparkpeople members who have found the BLC know that they have found a place that when used as intended, is the complete package! What better people to ask about their experiences and secrets of success than our Week 1 winning team and Week 1 and 2 OVERALL team... emoticonthe NAVY NINJAS!

emoticon I asked the Ninjas to share what is means to them to be a member of the Navy Ninjas:

"Being HELD accountable...YOU KNOW JOINING NINJA's "YOU WILL PARTICIPATE". (if you don't everyone has to do 100 Jumping jacks)!!! LOL.....and everyone just kindly pushes you to do MORE than you thought you could do..." ~LIGHTONMYFEET7:

"...not only do I have to be accountable to myself but to my team as well; if I'm not feeling motivated, I just log onto our boards and read what my teamies are up to! They motivate me every time." ~BOBANDTY

"Being a Ninja keeps be motivated. We are a pretty competitive bunch. So when I log on to our chat thread & see how awesome my teammates are doing, it helps to motivate me to do better. This is especially true with exercise. It's easy to feel lazy after a long day at work. Logging on & seeing what my Ninjas are up to helps me suck it up & work out on those days when I'd rather watch tv!" ~HIKER-SQUIRREL

"Being a Ninja to me means accountability support and encouragement. These ladies help to keep me in line and totally support me when I feel like I can't hold myself up. They praise all of the little accomplishments the regular people would overlook or think was silly." ~SINGER73

", caring, accountability." ~HOLISTIC5

"Being a Ninja to me means having a dedicated team of 20+ like minded people who are facing very similar daily and life challenges and trying to achieve the same goals as I am when it comes to weight loss." ~XXMILAXX

"I think that being a Ninja is about being part of a wonderful team. It's such an awesome group of ladies that I WANT to make sure to succeed for our team, not because I feel guilty or obligated to." ~CARLAWO


The Ninja's know what most of us know... tracking leads to success. They are really putting it to action!

"no secret- track your food and move a works." ~HOLISTIC5

"staying super active on the boards. reading what everyone's doing and what they're struggling with as well as posting my own successes and struggles!" ~BOBANDTY

"I track my calories every day. Especially the days when I don't make the best choices. And then I track my weekly calorie average (by adding my calories for the week & dividing by 7). This really helps me not obsess about one bad day, or use it as an excuse to continue stuffing my face just because I "blew it" that day. " ~HIKER-SQUIRREL

"My personal secret is to force myself to stay in a healthy, positive, and motivated mindset otherwise all else goes down hill. Also, by staying accountable to my teammates I stay accountable to myself. " ~XXMILAXX

"The secret for me is to just trust the process. I have all the tools and knowledge I need to succeed in my weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey. One must do what you know and know that over the long haul you will succeed as long as you don't quit. There is no one size fits all to weight loss. It is trial and error. If something didn't work, then continue to make changes until you find the right solution for you." ~SINGER73

Summing up the NINJA experience from the Captains’ perspective:

"I've found that being a Ninja means being part of a group that never gives up. We all suffer set-backs and when we do, we have the support of every member of that team. They're there to offer advice, give suggestions and ultimately hold each other accountable. It's a highly competitive group and they push harder when challenged. Participation is very important.
…(What is your "secret"?)... Personally, it's connecting with the team every single day. I can't forget about staying with my eating plan when I'm checking in every day - it's a constant reminder that I need to stay focused! The challenges keep me motivated and knowing that I'm letting the team down if I don't follow through is always in my thoughts!" ~GRACIEC

Congratulations and Thanks to the NAVY NINJA’s for being great examples of BLC Community!
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