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Week Six, Day One

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

day one, week six:
Wake up time....Gail has brekkie ready ..oatmeal with berries and nuts...yummy..

Awesome, all the gear is stowed away and everything is ready to go.....both Nas and Gloria are just finishing getting ready as we speak........and ahhh, I see Jeannie.....with a cuppa in her riding with us, Jeannie? come on......brekkie is ready.

~~waving my spoon around as we listen to some peppy music and talking about the free ferry we are to cross this morning.. is always good.......I love ferries but there are very few ferries any more in Arkansas......I think there is only one and I am not even sure it is still there...up on Lake Norfork. I have ridden across it several times but that was several years ago and who knows if it is still there.

From Victor Harbour we head on to Goolwa; we need to cross the River Murray so we head further up the river and cross through Strathalbyn,
--reading from my brochure --- " which is not only Southern Australia's major river, but also Australia's longest single river. The River Murray is 2508 kilometres long. However, if the longest tributaries of the Darling River, the Culgoa, Balonne and Condamine, are taken into account the total length of the Darling increases to 2740 kilometres, making it Australia's longest waterway. However, the Darling River alone is only 1545km in length. "

We tease Ann wondering if we are going to beat her to the ferry, but she lets us know on the Cb that she is listening.....and reminds us that she is right behind us and since this is a small ferry - and the ramp down to it is very steep, we will need to just park in line and when we get the signal to drive slowly and carefully onto the ferry. She also reminds us that she will see us at Mt Gambia Visitors Centre for lunch. Not that we really need reminding. I can't thinik of a single time we have missed a meal on this trip.

There are very few ferries on the River Murray and the ferries are free.......some are smaller just meant as a means for getting across. This is one of the smaller ones. We waited our turn to pull on like Ann said and then we parked our vehicle, set the brakes and enjoyed the view until we crossed effortlessly to the other side in just a short time.

An interesting blog on the River Murray:

I can hear Kacey oohhing and ahhing over the black swans're right,Ann...there are tons of are so gorgeous...........and we are on the ferry and we are snapping photos right and left....Gail and Jeannie had their pics snapped with one of the
ferry boat captains just because the ferry is free....*grin* well, good reason in my book.:)

Black Swans

I think Kacey got some better shots of the swans.

Later......yes, we did make it off the ferry without any of us falling in or getting lost.

Crossing into the state of Victoria......after we cross the seems as if we have crossed into a different time and place entirely.....don't know why that random thought crossed my mind but it I've got to get the word crossed out of my mind.......

Turns out that we were actually in a different time zone as Ann just told us: "Actually you are in a different time zone - I forgot to tell you!! Turn your watches on 30 min!! This is the last time change on our trip!!
That ferry is very quick - just a hop across the river - but it saves a lot of driving - the road route by Murray Bridge, is an extra 70km (43.5miles) and the ferry is a pleasant diversion!!
See you at the visitors centre!!"

Okay, we will see you at the Visitor's Centre......:0 uh wonder I felt so out of sync......

At the Visitors' Centre
*grin* well, we've collected a bunch of info at the Visitor Centre...checked out the Blue
Lake.....that is so interesting....." reading from my brochure: "The Blue Lake in Mount Gambier, South Australia is a large monomictic lake located in an extinct volcanic maar associated with the Mount Gambier maar complex. It is one of four crater lakes on Mount Gambier."--Wikipedia

Aerial view from above......of course it is a postcard....did you think I sprouted wings and flew up there.....but hey with me, you never know.......right? ;)

wow, that is just head is spinning....just how blue it is ........sure hope it shows up on the camera....that looked blue, but you never know.....

and then there was an early "Nik Wallenda"daredevil type guy...named Adam Lindsay Gordon; his derring do earned him the right to have an obelisk in his honor:

"In July 1865 Adam Lindsay Gordon performed the daring riding feat known as Gordon’s Leap on the edge of the Blue Lake. A commemorative obelisk erected there has an inscription which reads: This obelisk was erected as a memorial to the famous Australian poet. From near this spot in July, 1865 Gordon made his famed leap on horseback over an old post and rail guard fence onto a narrow ledge overlooking the Blue Lake and jumped back again onto the roadway. The foundation stone of the Gordon Memorial Obelisk was laid on 8th July 1887." -- wikipedia
(what would we do without the ubiquitous wikipedia and google at our fingertips) *grin* :)

and then there was the Valley Lake Wildlife Park
Overlook of Valley Lake Wildlife Park

self descriptive, I think.....*grin* :)

It's always amazing to me how almost every roo we see either poses for us, or gives us the look .... like 'don't those idiots ever get tired of shooting photos of us......ohh, well, the trials and tribulations of being a star".......;)

.........can't remember just how many different varieties of birds and different wildlife we did see......Gail and I were trying to see just how many we could count, but I finally quit counting, because Gail was always finding more than me...both Gloria and Nas had more than me.....

and no, I am not pouting.....* I just found some more interesting things to do with my time..turned out the nice couple sitting on a bench in front of the lake were from Arkansas.....welllllll, of course, I had to sit right down and have a nice chat....turns out that we had some mutual acquaintances......not that they were close friends but one was actually a former classmate from high school, ,but hey, you never know...:) so how cool was that? :)

By the time we reached Port Fairy and our accomodations for the night, I was totally wiped out.... www.portfairycaravanpark
These beds are so comfy......not that our beds in the camper van aren'tcomfy........but......oh
hh, did someone say food?? *grin* ;)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1761 days ago
    This blue lake is gorgeous! Thank you.
    1761 days ago
    Great Blog Joan---But I was not a happy camper because you made me grive on to the ferry. But we made it! You were a trooper patting me on my hand that was shaking!

    Gail (Life time memories.)
    1762 days ago
    I love rivers and ferries!
    1762 days ago
    emoticon I agree, we have NOT missed a Single Meal OR Snack on this trip, LOL!! But we have gotten in A LOT of exercise so I think we are OK on that.

    I loved the ferry, but I am certainly glad that I didn't have to Drive on to it!!

    emoticon Leave it to you to find someone from your "Home" when we are on the other side of the world.
    1762 days ago
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