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Before and After

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It was time for a new before/after pic!! So last night, I got my sister to take a picture of me, and we compared that picture with one I took at the very beginning of my health journey (and the peak of my weight). This is what we both saw:

WOW!! Just...WOW!! I live with my body every day, so I should be intimately aware of what I look like, right? Well, sorta. (Even my sister, who sees me externally nearly every day was shocked at the drastic change.) Honestly, it's pictures like these that drive home how FAR I've come and how MUCH I've changed and how PROUD I am of where I am today.

I am proud that I stuck with this program, even during the challenging holidays.

I am proud that I continued to stick with my program even when I traveled.

I am proud that I plunged ahead, even when it took me weeks to see changes in my clothes.

I am SO BLESSED to have such amazing family and friends (and, duh, SparkFriends) who encourage me and keep me going at every opportunity!

I see this picture and I want to cry tears of joy. I never thought I could look this good or be this happy with my body or lose all the weight I've been holding on to for years.

I still have about 30 pounds to lose before hitting my goal, but this pictures just hammers home how much I've changed and how glad I am about that change and how I NEVER want to go back to that old place.
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