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First PT Appointment

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today I took the afternoon off work, kind of. I even left a little early, about 11:40. The idea was to get to my 1:30 PT appointment on time, and have the rest of the afternoon to digest what I learn and take any actions required. This seemed prudent, going into unfamiliar territory.

My left foot "cooperated" by getting worse after I made the appointment. While it wasn't as bad this afternoon as it had been yesterday evening, it was noticeably swollen. I told the PT my history of running and foot issues. She listened, had me move in various ways, and measured my strength and range of motion in obscure types of movement.

The verdict: I have weak hips. Oh, they move front to back just fine; but the abduction and adduction are weak. And the swollen foot is a problem that has to be addressed before other things can be worked on. The PT brought down the swelling with a couple of high tech gizmos that ran electric current and ultrasound through the foot. Homework was to use an Ace bandage on the foot, and to do some exercises for hip abduction and trunk stability. I'm not sure when we address adduction, but at this point I'm willing to go with what PT says. She certainly has a lot more relevant education in this stuff than I do.

While I was doing some of the preliminary stuff, my phone rang. Reject call. Boing! Got a voice mail. And some work email. Took care of returning the phone call while I was waiting for the electric current to do its thing with swelling. Answered one email during another waiting period. Had to defer an important email till I got home; that required me to recrank a piece of the major project that went down a week ago. So it wasn't a full afternoon off, but I did get the important stuff done for me. And I won't feel guilty taking an hour during paid work time to get to PT on a work at home day. Work gets enough of my unpaid time to compensate.

Legal bit: In the State of New York, I can have one month or 10 visits to a PT on my own referral. After that, I need a prescription from a doctor. I'll probably call my doctor before it goes that long, but I want to get a couple more appointments in to stabilize the routine with PT first.

No, Jenny, it's not arthritis. It's a weak hip not controlling how my foot lands as well as it should. This is not anything I could possibly have figured out on my own. The problem isn't fixed yet, but it sure looks like the PT knows her stuff. She thinks she can get me back running, and (unlike my regular doc) she doesn't express skepticism at the idea of my running a half marathon.

So now I do some PT exercises each day for a while, then go back next Tuesday.

Weak hips. Who knew?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So glad you are getting some answers to those annoying issues. Get all the help you need and use your doctor for whatever extra services will benefit you the most. Lots of people would not pursue it. Their loss.
    1788 days ago
    I have heard about weak hips affecting gait, interesting to hear that is likely he issue. I is kind of tantalizing to think that exercise to strengthen your hips and address any remaining gait issues could be enough to get you back where you want to be run-wise. Good luck!
    1788 days ago
    Very interesting finding!
    I would never have guessed...
    I imagine this must mean your hips are weak relatively, compared to the other leg muscles which are stronger.
    1788 days ago
    So glad you went to see someone about this! And a good someone too, it sounds like. You've got a plan in place to get better.. that's a big step in the right direction!
    1788 days ago
    Interesting that she should find a hip issue with you. When I saw my chiropractor this morning, he said my hips were WAY out of alignment, and likely that is what contributed to my Achilles Tendonitis! Hopefully the adjustment plus a few other things he did plus my "homework" will get me on the path to recovery.

    And I am CERTAIN you can do a half marathon!

    1788 days ago
  • _LINDA
    I can't stress enough how much a PT has helped keeping me moving. If they can help me with my major issues, they should be able to help just about anyone with any kind of skeletal issue. After all, they have had long training in the muscular skeletal system and should know how everything is supposed to be working together. Case in point: my Mom always complained her knees bothered her. When her hips were fixed the knee issue disappeared. Your body is a finely tuned instrument and all parts have to be working together as nature intended or bad things happen. I hope this will finally resolve your foot issue once and for all. But you have to be consistent with any exercises and treatment the PT gives you. They are known for piling on the exercises and making them tough and last what seems like an eternity :P But eventually you will see results. All the best with it!
    emoticon emoticon
    1789 days ago
  • NWFL59
    Glad to read you first PT session went well and you have confidence in the treatment. Hope you motivation is elevating too. emoticon
    1789 days ago
    Good job, Jen, for pushing our brother in that direction. See? She knows whereof she speaks! Like we didn't know that already.

    Good luck with the recovery, and may you have many healthy running years ahead!
    1789 days ago
    Everything goes back to the pelvis. Many people have weak abductors, so don't be too discouraged. Although I cannot evaluate as a PTA, I can certainly identify the need for Physical Therapy services. I am proud of you for taking that step and getting some professional help.
    1789 days ago
  • DALID414
    Wow! I don't think I would have guessed that in a million years!
    1789 days ago
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