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Gotta love a good workout

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I tell ya...good workouts make it all worth it. You know the kind of workout I'm talking about? The ones that you didn't really want to do in the first place, but you committed to doing it when you were full of energy and sitting on your fanny, setting goals. The workout that makes you rethink your goals....not only do you no longer care about your goals, but now you rethink the idea that being fat and unhealthy, sitting on the couch watching reruns of Big Bang Theory, as an idea worth exploring again.

But, because you made that commitment weeks back, you keep pushing through, hoping that the mantra - A bad workout is still better than no workout - will apply to you, today.

And then a magical thing happens during this type of good workout.

All of a sudden pride starts to swell inside of you. You made it through that last minute of butt-kicking squats a little stronger than you remember doing it in previous days. Your mind starts to tinker with ideas for next months goals. No, wait, it's hard again....maybe I'll take next month off. And then, there's another moment of feeling strong. And you're recommitted again. Why take a month off when I'm starting to actually feel stronger. If even for a moment.

Those workouts. Those are the ones I love. The ones that make me love this journey.

And recommit to doing it again tomorrow.
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