Went to zumba last night although I felt DRAINED!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I was feeling quite drained of energy yesterday, I had a headache and was just not feeling myself. Well DS had baseball practice at 5pm which meant I could go with them to practice (DH and DS) and then have them drop me off for 6:30 zumba class that is our usual Tuesday evening routine. I really was thinking about skipping it but I got my gym clothes and shoes on and went off to practice. Sitting in the sun for an hour only drained me of what little energy I did have and at this point I REALLY wanted to skip out on zumba. When practice was over DH asked me if he was dropping me off and mentioned that I seemed tired, to which I replied yup drop me off and push me out of the truck if you have to LOL So he did, dropped me off that is the pushing was not necessary emoticon When I got there the room was packed, I do not like it when it is packed so I actually thought of calling DH to pick me up but that would have been silly so class started and I had a BLAST!! I am so glad I did not give into my laziness emoticon I sweated up a storm! So if you are not feeling up to your work out today trust me JUST DO IT and you will feel great afterwards!

When class was over we took DS to dairy queen for some ice cream and I DID NOT order anything! WooHoo!!
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