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Confessions of a Former Weight Loss Counselor #5

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I almost always work out in the morning. If I don’t do it in the morning, I’m a sitting duck! I have not established myself in any area yet. Venturing out of my comfort zone (that entails at least 12 minutes of aerobic exercise every morning) could wreck me up. The only time I miss is, if I am sick or hurting, because I did some more strenuous exercise the day or so before. Currently I am not missing more than two days a month. I really just started this regimen, but I am nearly four months strong. I really believe this has helped me a lot! I swear by exercise because I know my skin and body would be in a much worse condition than it is for the plus 60 pound loss I've experienced so far.

My suggestion? Work exercise in! I used to hate to exercise. I’ve even cried exercising, but I keep doing it. I figure my body just doesn’t get it yet, but it will, and so will yours. The number one key I can give anyone in this journey is to NEVER GIVE UP. I have successfully lost and maintained a 100 pound loss before, and I gained every pound back. However, I did keep it off for several years before I relapsed. Losing and maintaining weight is not an easy feat, if it was sparkpeople would barely be in business, as well as the countless other products/services people use to help them accomplish this sometimes unimaginable goal. However, all hope is not lost! In fact, I know that I’ve landed on a magic combo if you will, and I plan on sharing every detail all the way to my bikini next summer!

Now, I will admit, I will probably not be in any position to run a 5k by fall which was my original goal, but that’s ok, I’m tweaking, and I am still very satisfied. It is much more important to me to get my eating habits under control than my exercise right now, yet, I had to confess one of the things that keeps this weight coming off so steady and so quickly, although safely ( I don’t lose more than 8 pounds a month) is exercise. It is crucial, and I believe essential to our long term success. I look forward to creating more and more exercise blogs as my eating becomes less and less of a subject, but I don’t imagine that to be less than a year from now. Another mini-tip if you will? FOCUS ON ONE THING AT A TIME! We can do this folks. I say this a lot but I mean it! If I can gain weight, lose it, gain A LOT of weight and lose it, then gain all of it back and have more than 60 pounds off again…ANYONE CAN DO THIS! Just don’t you ever give up! See you at the finish line!!!

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