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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This week I want to focus on improving that fact that when I am with other people especially close relations who I am not as comfortable or relaxed with I either overeat or eat the wrong thing (sinful sugar or starches)

After giving it much thought I came up with a few reasons that I need adjustment:

1. I am self conscious that I am still overweight and they are not so I am oversensitive to how I feel I look to them, letting down myself and them (especially family members who love me)

2. Even if I allow for the extra calories still feel uncomfortable or that they are judging or watching me negatively (since my mom even comments in front of other people which makes me upset) and I get rebellious and go off my planned menu or overeat from the tension the situation creates to me.

3. I need to find a way to be stronger and plan better so I can't be thrown off my course.

4. I need to prepare ahead of time so I won't be anxious and hungry possibly eat before I go and order very light fare though I don't like the feeling of being different.

5. I will work on that since I don't want to sabotage my progress in any way since I work so hard for each pound lost.

I am going to journal and try to replace these negative feeling with fortifying positive ones.

Thank you for all the support of my Spark Family.

Yvonne emoticon
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  • MCELLO58
    Journaling is a great way to start. It's a shame that others feel the need to sabotage your efforts but remember you have the power...not them. emoticon
    2469 days ago
    You're doing great Yvonne - just stay in the center of your circle and don't let them bleed onto yours. Sometimes easier said than done. The only approval we need is our own... Love you, Jackie
    2470 days ago
    Journaling and making a plan is a good thing. You are you and you are doing what you can where you are now. If other people, like your mother make nasty comments that put you down or even think critically of your body size that is THEIR issue not yours. Try to stop worrying about what they think of you and see what you think of you instead. Yes you are overweight but I'll be they aren't all at perfect weight either and have no room to be critical. God says we are not to judge other people, that's His job so they have no right to be critical of you either. And you are far more than just a body size. Take a look at all the positive traits you have and what you have accomplished and don't listen to them.
    Btw if you know the restaurant or visit there often, you can get a copy of the menu, many restaurants have a take out menu, Then when you are away from them you can choose what you want to eat ahead of time and do that. Or you can ask them to put half your meal in a take home container before they bring you the food you order. Look for healthy alternatives like light salad dressings or dressing on the side instead of on the salad, and fruits like a serving of melon for dessert instead of cake or ice cream. Before you can overcome the overeating you have to think about why you are triggered and make a plan to deal with that trigger before it goes off. Like why would you feel guilty if you allowed for extra calories for the meal? Is it because of negative programming by ignorant people that because you are "fat" every bite you put in your mouth comes about because you have no will power and is disgusting, so you find yourself guilty for every bite you eat around them. Realize they are ignorant. Fill your head instead with the knowledge you have gained about healthy eating and that you are eating healthy. Don't forget what the teach here on Spark about needing a certain amount of calories so you can lose weight and be capable of intense exercise sessions. And about how you can't win with "diets" and there is no need to go hungry to lose weight. If you haven't read those articles try looking them up under the articles section on the orange toolbar at the top of your page. Most of all believe in yourself and what you are doing to get along on YOUR journey. Best of luck with putting paid to those triggering emotions.
    IKacey co-leader of the Chair Exercise Team
    2471 days ago
    Sounds like a good plan!
    2471 days ago
  • JILL313
    I hear you Yvonne as with some people but mainly my two thin Sisters I feel like they think less of me because I'm heavy and wonder how did I let myself go like this. Sometimes they do make insensitive comments and really don't understand how it hurts me to hear them say something negative about me. . .I wish they would love me unconditional and not make me feel this than I am just because I'm heavier than I should be. I also have a few average weight friends who say things like they are getting fat and hate it and it makes me wonder what do they think of me obviously much fatter than they are. . .do these people even think of how it might come across to very obese me? I know I am too sensitive about my weight as I feel people judge me harder just because of what I look like with me being fatter than is healthy and attractive. They must think I'm eating bon bons all day long and glued to the TV which is far from the truth. Dear Yvonne I'll say a prayer for you and wish your family would stop their negative behavior and it is rude in my opinion for anyone to say hurtful things to others. Take care and remember how Special you are.

    Hugs & Love,

    2471 days ago
  • 434TERESA
    hang in there
    2471 days ago
  • SUZIEW27
    This is a really difficult thing to conquer. Having a plan in place should really help.
    2471 days ago
    Hi Yvonne! I have a suggestion for going out with your family or friends. Take a little book with you and mark down what you eat (ate), even if you're just writing down a shopping list :) I think this way they can't say anything about what you ate and they will have no reason to make any comments to you. I'm sorry to say this, but it's awfully rude for anyone to comment on your food anyway. Love you! (hugs) Noel
    2471 days ago
    You are on the right track to examine the reasons you overeat or eat unhealthy foods. Almost all my overeating (and if I start in on the sweets, I don't stop, so I overeat) stems from my emotions. Lately I've been stopping to examine my feelings when I want to eat my trigger foods and I'm actually starting to engage my brain in all of this. I can actually see myself pulling back from the brink of binging. emoticon

    emoticon emoticon
    2471 days ago
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