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Last night was great

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oooh er. I bet you are wondering what I am going to type now....

I groomed 3 dogs yesterday and got a phone call postponing today's dogs (6 in one house so that's £160 that I won't earn today) until next week. Her son's creatanine levels are sky high so he's off to Addenbrooks and obviously Mum is going too. For some reason, it really brought me down with a bump. Its not really the money, although it has stuffed my earnings right up this week and I am praying for the phone to ring as I need petrol to get the the Cycletta on Sunday and last week was slooooow in business terms.

I had a ride planned which was to just go down to meet Kenn from hospital, 8.33 miles but by 10 to 8 I was in the doldrums so I shook myself by the scruff of my neck and told myself - in the mirror - to pull myself together. I got changed, found my headphones and got on my bike.
I took yesterday's route but turned right instead of straight where I was supposed to and looped back to the lights where I can turn for home. I decided to press on and head for the hospital to meet Kenn. Not a nice little 8 and a bit mile ride at all and probably not terribly sensible with Sunday coming up (God willing) but a 14.56 mile bike ride.
I concentrated on not working too hard and just spinning along in a low gear so I wasn't actually making my muscles ache or anything. I also had no bike computer on and my phone was tucked away in my pocket so I couldn't see speed. This is a good thing as it meant that I could relax and spin and concentrate on a nice cadence and watch the world go by.

Once I got heading for the Hospital on a road called Ketts Oak (past the oak tree where Kett met his men for the rebellion in 1549 over land enclosure) I saw a chap and a wee lad sitting on a seat near the road. The little lad jumped up on the seat and clapped and waved wildly shouting 'Allez allez allez' I waved back to him and he was delighted. Bless his little heart, it made my spirits soar. Funny how such a little thing can turn a day back the right way around.

After that I just rode along smiling. Overtook the newbie lad in the same place I overtook him on Saturday. He was struggling up the hill big time. I slowed and suggested that he change gear but he said that only 'soft buggers and gays' do that emoticon He will break his chain at this rate. It was only a little hill too. I felt sorry for him when I approached but he's obviously a twit if he refuses to change down. Shame, its a nice bike being flogged there.

Off to work then. I shall help Kenn with the dog walking today. It'll get me up and moving and not moping.
Keep the spark, Sparkies

R xx
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