Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I may have blogged about this a couple of years ago, but it bears repeating. I thought I was going out of my mind when I began to hear radio transmissions coming out of my bedroom fan. I looked all over to see if my husband had left a radio on, but no, he hadn't. It came to the point that I knew I was hearing it when the fan was running.

Just to see if anybody else had ever heard the radio around an electric motor, I googled it. Over and over, people admitted that they had heard the radio or somebody singing that seemed to come out of an appliance. One person said he picked up radio transmissions in his fillings! I had heard that could honestly happen, so I wasn't surprised. What is surprising, however, is how easy it is to tune in to a radio station. When I was a kid, there was a nerdy kid next door who made a radio out of a toilet paper roll and copper wire. It worked. He made something electrical with a potato, but I can't remember what. If a 12 year old kid could pick up radio transmissions, think how easy it must have been back in WWII or Korea for the enemies to hear what was happening with our troops. No wonder we used codes and anything else they could think of to keep one step ahead of the enemy.

Yesterday morning it happened again. I'm in the bad habit of waking up, then continuing to lie in bed trying to work up the nerve to bear the pain of standing up. It's a back and knee thing. Anyway, once again I heard radio stuff coming from the fan. It's like it's picking up a lot of stations and they're talking at the same time. Then something strange happened. As I was lying there, I heard my husband talking to the dog. I'm thinking, "Why is he home from work so early? Is he sick?" He was saying this: "What are you doing in here?" to the dog. I figured she must have knocked down the barrier that keeps her out of my scrapbook stuff and the laundry room and was greeting him at the door. I waited for about ten minutes for him to come upstairs, but he never did, so I got up and dressed and went downstairs. Everything was untouched, and the dog was asleep. Where did his voice come from?

As I sat and drank my coffee, it occurred to me that I had opened the gate the day before so that she could run upstairs and wake him up from his nap. There's nothing like a 90 pound dog launching herself on top of him to get him to stir. He's crazy about this dog and hardly ever gets mad at her. Then it hit me. What does he always say when she is someplace she shouldn't be? Then I figured it out. Somehow his voice was recorded when he was awakened by the dog!

Don't call the men in little white coats to come get me yet. I have no other explanation, but I'm going to do some research into this to see if I'm not alone in experiencing this. Having studied psychology for years, I know that hearing things coming out of TVs or radios and thinking they are special messages just for you is something a person ought to have checked out by a mental health professional. But this was different. I didn't hear God or anyone telling me what to do. I was fully awake. I'm curious about it but not afraid. The most common hallucinations are auditory, but my hearing radio transmission from the fan is not one. My husband says he hears it too, but only upstairs in our room when the fan is on. Others have experienced this too. This new wrinkle about picking up what is said in there is a little spooky. People like their privacy in the bedroom, but with people our age, there isn't anything spicy to hear. All it would pick up is loud farts and me telling him to quit snoring. I knew the honeymoon was over when my best "come hither" look and my constipated look kind of melded together. It happens.

Unless I am committed to a mental institution, I will keep you informed when I find something in my research.
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    I have an ordinary life with occasional extraordinary experiences. I suspect you may be experiencing that as well. Hmm, every think you might have ghosts?
    1764 days ago
    Loved the story and I am of the "just-because-I-don't-understand-do
    esn't-mean-it-can't-be-true" school of thought. Mysterious things DO happen and I may not be able to give a good explanation, but I DO know that they happen without my permission. Love the suggestion about trying for Leno or Letterman - your fan could be a star.
    1765 days ago
    Oh my goodness.. I don't know what to say about all this. Well, it's a mystery and
    it all seems safe and harmless, Felinebetter backs you up with the story of a talking furnace.. two SPers can't be wrong.. so, I believe you! Enjoy your talking fan... would it sell on Ebay for tens of thousands?? perhaps a guest shot on Letterman or Jay Leno?? Have fun with this you never know how long it will last.
    1765 days ago
    This blog put a big smile on my face and made laugh right out loud too! Forgive me - I'm not really laughing at you.... This brought back another time in my life. I came home late one night and my mother claimed she could hear Eddy Arnold in the furnace! lol lol After much teasing etc -- I discovered it to be true. I don't recall the whole story but it also involved a ham radio tower nearby. I do recall my mother calling the hydro company and being told to "go to bed and sleep it off!"

    Now the part about recording... that doesn't make much sense to me, but I do know that sound can be transferred somehow and that Eddy Arnold didn't live in our furnace! lol

    Good luck in your pursuit with this. Let us know what you find out! emoticon
    1765 days ago
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