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Freaking Awesome Workout... and another clothed Big O.. hehe

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oh lord.. I had my 49th CrossFit workout tonight.. I kind of dreaded it all day (which is not that unusual) but I always feel so good afterwards.. so I fought through.. showed up.. and gave it 100%.. and it paid off!!

Tonight, for the first time, we established my 1 rep max for a back squat... the purpose of establishing a max is so that my coach can have me do 70% of max or 80% of max.. it's part of a russian training program called Snolov.. so, we started at 65lbs.. and added 10lbs until I was unable to complete the lift.. things started getting serious about 115lbs.. then 125lbs.. failed.. but I knew why I failed and I wanted to try again.. so we did 125lb SUCCESS.. then up to 135lbs.. it was HEAVY.. and I really had to concentrate on all the technical parts.. and lowering was so problem and then PUSH through the heels.. push... push.. feeling it in my hamstrings.. PUSH.. my glutes.. my quads.. PUSH.. squeeze the core.. holding breath.. PUSH through the heels.. AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH

Yeah, I grunted big time...very loudly and unladylike.. involuntary.. as I COMPLETED my 135lb back squat!!! I racked it as about 10 people around me cheered me on.. high fives all the way around.. Now, every single one of those people probably back squats 200lb minimum.. and here they were cheering ME on!.. Have I mentioned how much I love CrossFit?? LOL

Me .. doing my 1 rep max Back Squat

Then we lowered the weight to 70% of max and did 8 rounds of 3 lifts EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 8 minutes (I was trembling!).. then a 1000m row.. and as I was rowing the Euphoria began.. yep.. what I like to call the "clothed big O".. the feeling is amazing.. runners call it "runners high".. and I wrote about it here the first time it happened

I feel so lucky to have found a fitness plan that I adore.. Life is Good!

52 days til Africa
12lbs to go til Zipline goal..

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