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Tuesday, 6/25/13

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This morning started with a field trip to the local fish hatchery. I had never been to this one so that made it a bit more fun. We met up with friends and were thankful the rain stayed away so we could enjoy the outing. Here's a shot of Isaac with friends Micah and Titus.

After the field trip Isaac headed out with them for the day and Tim picked him up around 6:30. He's now holed away in his room (almost 8 p.m.) needing down time. Sounds like he had a fun, busy day.

I headed to the gym after the field trip even though a headache was brewing. I was able to see the new trainer in action and she seems a bit more possible than most I've seen around that place since losing my trainer last year. Anyway, got time on the treadmill and strength machines before going to a couple of stores on the way home. Unfortunately the treadmill really got my knee aching today...must have been the hills. Elliptical never bothered it that much so will have to remember to get on that instead until this heals up.

Once home the headache was in full gear and I tried to do some co-op work, but just couldn't focus. Took an hour long nap and that helped...headache was gone. Then I was able to finish up that document I needed to create. This has been a procrastination project for me so I'm glad it is finished.

Had rain most of the day so I'm feeling sad for Maegann up at camp where I know they will get even cooler temps and more moisture in the form of rain or snow. Thankfully it is supposed to be done tonight and we should both have nicer days. However...they are predicting above 100 for days on end beginning Thursday. Not looking forward to that at all!

Looking forward to watching So You Think You Can Dance tonight. It's taping!

Tomorrow I have a meeting with the Sr. Pastor at church to get the co-op contract taken care of for the coming school year and get a couple questions of mine answered. Will be nice to have this done once again. The only other things on the schedule are Isaac's occupational therapy in the afternoon and bible study in the evening.

Gym Time: As mentioned above I did get to the gym today and got a solid workout done. Will plan on going again on Thursday.

There is no one like You, and there is no God besides You, as all we have heard confirms. (2 Samuel 7:22)

One of the things that keeps us from getting out there and believing God is being scared half to death that He won't come through for us, won't dignify us with a yes, and ultimately won't prove faithful in the end. Or that we'll prove to be failures at having enough belief for Him to bless with a miracle.

If I'm convinced tht God really loves me and has certain priorities for me that may take precedence at times, then I am "safe" to walk by faith. I am freed to know that my God is huge and my God is able and that if I don't get what I asked, if I'll cooperate, I'll get something bigger.

(from "Believing God Day by Day" by Beth Moore)
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