Bike Sprints

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I had a terrific workout this morning at 6:30 a.m. During the school year, this isn't early for me. But, I've really been sleeping in the past few weeks! (Well, until 7:30 or so.)

But, after such a successful 1st week of my "reset"... and losing 2.5 pounds in that week(!)... I decided to get up and make it happen. And, I did!

Since I had a short time, I decided to ride only 10 miles & do sprints. My usual speed is 13-15 mph. I decided to try to keep my speed at 15 mph most of the time... and then did sprints where I got to 18 (& one time to 20!). Since I ride in a neighborhood, I would find a spot where I had a few straight blocks and just push myself. Man, it hurt! But, it was a great burn!

And when I got home I saw that I had burned 400 calories in just 42 minutes! That's a lot for me - probably the most ever! So, I think I'll try to do this once a week. I'll even make it a challenge to see if I can get faster. How soon can I break 40 minutes? emoticon
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