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Letting Go

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sunday, there was a potluck at church. The only sweets I had were the flour-less, gluten free, egg less peanut butter cookies I brought. Mostly I ate "real" foods. Salad. Fruit. pulled pork. a little piece of ham.
I made shepherds pie (ground meat, cream corn, and mashed potatoes), my layered salad - lettuce, baby peas, celery, my home made mayonnaise, sour cream, topped with a little grated cheddar, and a some crumbled bacon, and the peanut butter cookies. There are other people in the congregation eating gluten free. I am the only egg-less one, but my friends are appreciative that I make mine gluten free as well. It makes a little more variety for those of us who have to make healthy choices.

These healthy choices are making a difference.
I can look at the brownies, bread, pasta and say no without a problem. Being allergic to something has its advantages. It is also making me more healthy.
I am eating less, feeling satiated, not binging, not looking to munch on junk at all.

Today at break I had a larabar. This one had cashews, and I was a little concerned. I have broken out like poison ivy with cashews in the past, but I am not allergic to them. This afternoon when I got home, I started itching my arm, and thinking, how did I get poison ivy, then I remembered the cashews. I promptly took my zyrtec antihistimine, and the itching went away pretty quickly. I will continue to monitor the cashews and pretty much not eat them. I used to love them, twenty years ago, and had a rash like poison ivy after eating them and stopped.

I am letting go of eating the junk. The candy. The goodies. The bread. And it is not bothering me. I am dealing with it fine. I am grateful.

Also, my medications at the orthopedic doctor got scaled down, and I am not sure how much that has to do with being able to let go of the pounds. I am just grateful to finally see the scale responding the way I want it too. That has refired my desire to make weight loss happen, along with my healthy living. Pursuing what made me itch was a good thing. Letting go of eggs, soy, bread, most baked goods and sweets.

And Letting Go of the Weight, the Pounds. Casting my cares on the Lord.
Making it happen, giving it up.
Bye bye pounds! Four down!!! Finally happening.
I feel light as a feather! Getting there, anyway.

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