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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eating a lot of the wrong foods, and not exercising enough was a recipe for weight gain. No news flash there! Now that I eat how my body likes and get enough exercise, I seem to eat constantly without gaining weight. I can't eat just anything, though. If I ate pizza, hot dogs and beer, I would be in trouble. Fortunately, I like --and my body likes-- protein, veggies, and a nightly glass of wine.

I always thought maintenance would be hard, but I actually think it is the easiest. Our bodies are constantly adapting for us to come into stasis anyway. We all eventually plateau when dieting because our bodies adapt to our food and exercise stimulus. Happens all the time, every day. Our bodies want to be the most efficient with our energy consumption and expenditure.

Weight gain is easy. All I have to do is eat the way that made me fat to begin with: little exercise, processed foods, sugary alcoholic drinks, and junk food.

Weight loss is the hardest. Stop the presses! Shocking, I know.

I haven't put much focus on weight loss for the past few months. I've been busy with classes. Hubs and I don't have any vacation plans, so there's no bikini urgency. I've mostly just maintained with food and walking. Sadly, my weight training routine has fallen on the wayside. I need to get back on it.

I know that my body is heavily programmed to maintain my weight. It won't start storing fat unless I overload it with poor nutritional quality food and/or excessive carbohydrates.

I am going to restart my weight training routine this week. However, that in itself is not going to reduce body fat. There are plenty of heavy weight lifters with high body fat.

Burning fat means my body has to have a reason to draw out extra fat energy. The best way for me is to withhold carbohydrates. If my body doesn't have all the glucose it wants, it has to use more fat. Without dietary glucose as a primary fuel, it switches over to fat.

I'm not eating many carbs at the moment, anyway. I have good success when I eat more avocados and cook with coconut oil, so I'll add more of those in. Hubs and I are going to start riding our bikes after he gets home from work.

I don't feel an urgent need to lose weight, so we'll see how I do without it being a necessary goal. I'm not going to track anything with numbers, and see how things progress naturally.
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    Sounds like a good plan. Sounds like you are vigilant in a good and healthy way and being gentle with yourself. Good for you!

    You might check out 'The Plan' by Lyn-Genet.

    She uses the word "homeostasis" a LOT because that is what our bodies like. She suggests a number of foods like avocados and other pit fruits (mangos esp) are very "low inflammatory" for a majority of people.

    She does suggest that some traditionally "good" foods like salmon, egg whites and oatmeal might not be the best choices for some people who have bodies that react badly to them, especially as we age. This may be why my traditional "go to" weight loss foods just have not worked for me the way they used to.

    It is really not a diet, but great big science experiment where YOU are the test subject, so I think you might like it since you a numbers person!

    I'm not doing the full blown "plan" yet, but am incorporating more of the low inflammatory foods and recipes she recommends and I feel amazing and have had absolutely no cravings or desire to overeat or even eat things I used to love and avoid like pizza and ice cream. In fact, I was invited to get some Honey Hut Ice cream the other day, and then turned away from it as it was just not that appealing.

    Go figure...

    Might be worth checking out when you have time to see what you can take away from it....

    1792 days ago
    I'm actually thinking of trying a little "burst" weight loss. I actually like what I'm doing, but I'm kind of thinking I'd like to be a little more active, and the less weight I'm carrying the easier that will be. Summer is probably my best time to try some different things out, especially when the boys are away for a few days. I think there's only one week this summer when they're both gone at the same time, though. I better start planning now to make the most of it!
    1793 days ago
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