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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I had two interviews on the 14th. I had a solid job offer to start on the 1st, but I have basically decided that it is just not for me. It would be a two year commitment to reproductive endocrinology... which is just a bit too far away from the biochemistry/cancer biology that I was looking at doing.

So I've put my eggs in the stem cell basket. Don't worry -- no embryos here -- just plain old adult stem cells harvested from the colon of adults. I finally caved and emailed the PI I interviewed with -- and it turns out the only reason I hadn't heard back from him was that he could not get my current boss on the phone to discuss my skills in the lab! TEN DAYS later... and my boss couldn't be bothered to answer a phone call or e-mail. I was sooooooo frustrated! I had been nervous and worried and its all the fault of my PI being too busy for a ten minute phone call.

But that happened yesterday morning thankfully. Apparently my boss told this PI that I walk on water (thankfully) and I was instantly asked to come back and give a talk to the lab on my PhD research. So *yay* -- 2nd interview is Monday July 1st. That's good. It also means I have to turn down the other job as of now.... SO.... I feel so weird doing that.

BUT other than that -- yet another wedding this weekend (well Friday) -- which meant a road trip with a very grumpy boyfriend Thursday (we had to be there for the rehearsal since TJ was in it). He booked the crappiest hotel. He has officially lost all hotel booking privileges. Of course it was a wedding so I got super emotional and his grumpy a$$ attitude made sure we got in a fight. We fixed it though. Aaaaand possibly planned our wedding on the road trip home on Saturday (oh yea... still no ring though = minor detail ;-) )

Sunday I relaxed at his place, which made Monday super hard to leave. 5 days with that boy has spoiled me... The distance sucks a lot more now. It will be just for another month though *hopefully* so I could hopefully just get this new job and feel good and start working and living in StL and get a gym and start working out again on a more regular basis and get my butt in gear!

I'm still fighting my summer belly. My reality check is that my arms are starting to get big -- and i just paid a butt ton of money to fix them. I need to get back down to 180 ASAP or at least 185 and muscular. I'm lifting again slightly. My muscle tone is gone to flab = more space. So I haven't gained that much weight, but I've gained volume... :-/

Oh well... stress is killing me now. I'm trying to work on ways to calm that down and meeting with a lawyer for an hour today certainly doesn't help. Still dealing with the discrimination nuisance lawsuit... its a mess. Being sued by someone is never fun, but when they clearly have mental issues and a lack of a grasp on reality it just makes things difficult. Rational thinking and facts don't matter in that world...
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