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Futon/exercise bike, sedentary job, food plan, house is SUPER messy

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I wrote an entire blog the other day. But then when I posted it, it threw an error and didn’t post. It was lost. It’s really frustrating when that happens. Most of the time with my blogs I type it in word or Notepad and then copy paste so that if there’s an error I can just try again and not lose the whole thing. But I didn’t that time. Oh well, live and learn.

Steve never did help me with the futon before he went out of town, so I struggled to get the thing over the low wall of our loft and toss it into the entry-way below on my own. If it were firm and didn’t bend and double over so much it would have been a piece of cake. But with its weight and bendy nature it was a beast. The irony is that Steve will come home again today and it’s still sitting in the entry way ready to go in the dumpster that arrived yesterday. So I could have waited. Oh well, it was an accomplishment.

Tonight I will get Steve to take it to the dumpster with me (hopefully it’ll fit!) Then I’ll start taking apart the frame and dumping that in too. Then I’ll be able to set up the exercise bike. Woo hoo! Maybe we’ll even get the TV swapped out in the next couple days (changing out the existing TV for the larger one that came out of our bedroom when we finally got our first flat screen TV.) But both TVs are the old style and too heavy for me to lift over my head alone. The TV in the exercise room sits on top of one of those tall 6-drawer dressers so that it’s directly in front of my head as I’m on the treadmill.

I’m discovering that being back in a sedentary job is difficult for my weight loss (I know, big shock there). This past week of being back to work (sitting at a computer mostly) and doing a bit of stress eating in the evenings caused me to gain about 3 lbs in 5 days! Argh! When I was home with the kids I was doing about 15,000-20,000 steps a day. 10,000 was a low number for me. Yesterday I got in just 5,000, and that’s probably pretty representative. I had so many things going on with getting ready for the weekend at the beach cottage (yes, poor me), starting the new job, and making sure I picked up the kids in time that I never had time to make it to the gym to swim. That’s the reason I need to get that bike set up ASAP.

I’ve been doing a much better job of remembering to do my eccentric stretches for the Achilles tendonitis. I’m doing them in the evenings and icing it before bed. Hopefully this works. Sounds like it should, but it’ll take 3-6 months to really fix the problem.

So here’s what I’m doing/going to do: Yesterday I pre-posted all my food for the day, brought that to work and ate only that (avoided the candy and doughnuts folks brought – evil people.) Pre-posting allows me to adjust what I eat to ensure I’m getting the right levels of calories, carbs, fat, and protein. If what I plan is too high in one area and too low in another I can adjust my foods before I’ve eaten them. Typically I eat the English muffin at home/in the car and then bring the rest of breakfast and lunch with me to work. I will then graze on what I brought from about 8 until around noon. Just one day of that and I’ve already seen my weight coming back down. I did it again today. I’m pretty much eating the same as I did yesterday but I swapped out a peanut butter apple for the salmon of yesterday.

What the heck, I’ll post what I’m eating and give the numbers
- Breakfast:
-- Cascade Pride 100% Whole Wheat English muffin with my homemade butter/avocado oil blend
-- Fage 2% Greek Yogurt, plain (1/2 cup) w/ 1 tsp honey

- Lunch:
-- 1 medium Gala apple w/ 2.5 Tbsp Skippy peanut butter
-- 1 cup broccoli cheese soup (Cooks illustrated recipe – this soup is actually a vibrant green, not orange)
-- Baby carrots with 2 Tbsp Hummus (today’s flavor is lemon cilantro)

-- Ballpark non-fat turkey dog, whole wheat bun, slice of 2% American cheese, ketchup and mustard.
-- Guacamole ( 1/3 of an avocado)
-- Dried blueberries

Calories: 1459, carbs: 185, Fat 58, Protein 60. All numbers are in range. I’m a little high on fat (that would be the peanut butter talking) and low on protein though. But as long as my numbers are all in range I don’t worry about it. On days I don’t eat PB my fat numbers are a lot lower. Fat is the one thing I occasionally allow to drop below range without worrying about it since it’s not constant.

Interesting… I just discovered (while Googling whether I can reasonably walk for exercise with Achilles problems) that the term is no longer “Achilles tendonitis”, it’s now “Achilles Tendinopathy”. So my ailment just got a lot more interesting sounding. And I wonder why it’s not spelled “tenonopathy” with an “o” instead of an “i”.

David got the staples out of his head last Tuesday, so he’s now metal free. We had a great time at the beach cottage in Coronado. I had to book it last July to get a reservation. We were there from Friday night to Sunday night. I actually booked it through Monday morning so that I could still have access to the shower and facilities. That was a great decision. We were able to go hang out on the beach in the early afternoon and let Beth go boogie boarding and David played in the sand. Then we came back, showered, the kids hung out in their bedroom watching a movie, and I was able to do all our laundry and pack in a leisurely fashion. Being able to do laundry was great – it meant I wasn’t bringing home extra work.

Speaking of extra work, my house is absolutely trashed! On the 6th we went tent camping at Big Bear after the kids’ last day of school. We were there from Thursday through Sunday. We got home at about 5:30 pm on Sunday. I unloaded all the camping gear – some into the garage where it belongs – but other things that belong in various places around the house got dumped into the entry way (like our 8-person tent, suit cases, duffle bags, etc.). I quickly did a load of laundry and repacked that evening. The next morning we flew to Sacramento for 6 days at my dad’s fiancé’s rustic cabin along the Stanislaus river. We got back the next Saturday night (the 15th). On the 16th I took the kids to the San Diego County Fair since I had realized it was the only day we’d be available to do it. We also volunteered for 2 hours at the Camp Fire booth. We got home that evening. The next day I started my new job. I didn’t do any cleaning other than doing laundry and some dishes during the week. David hasn’t been doing a good job of doing his bedtime routine checklist, so I’ve had to be reminding him, inspecting things, and concentrating on that stuff. Not happy with THAT! Then, as I said, on Friday I left town again and went to the beach cottage. So nothing has been put away from any of the trips! Add to that the futon mattress in the entry way (along with everything else) and you get an idea of how bad my place is right now.

I’ve been trying to figure out where to prioritize my efforts. I’ll probably unpack the sleeping bags and pillows and stuff out of the large cargo bag since that’ll be quick and easy and will instantly get rid of one of the larger items taking up the entry way. I’ll also take the tent up to my closet. At this point any of the bugs that would have been rolled up in the tent (there are always a few no matter how good of a job you do cleaning and brushing off the tent) will have died by now and I won’t have to worry about introducing bugs into my closet. Then my next priority will be the futon. The dumpster gets picked up next Monday. Weeknight evenings, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday evening will be spent cleaning. I can’t live like this.

Oh yeah… I also really need to cut the grass.
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    LOL I loved this blog. Thanks for sharing.
    I got a little laugh out of it too.
    And I love your background. How the heck did you do it?
    1762 days ago
    Been there, done that, re: dealing with a heavy, floppy mattress...no fun!

    I say keep on staking your claim to your workout room! THAT'S where you should focus your energies! THEN you'll have even MORE energy to deal with the other stuff once you've locked into workouts to rev you up! :-)

    1763 days ago
    Sounds like you are doing great..... emoticon emoticon
    1763 days ago
  • S318830
    DAMN that was long! emoticon
    1763 days ago
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