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Isn't it great when....

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

you get treated for doing what you do regularly anyway?

Yesterday I scrubbed my fingers to the bone. Spring cleaning in the heart of winter lol.
Still I'm glad its done. It came at a price though. There was so much climbing up and down from a chair (ladder borrowed by nephew) to get to the high areas. I stood on the chair and get this, the chair came up to greet my chin. What a whack and blimmen sore. But other than that, the days work went without any major stresses, except to my knees. By nightfall, my knees were wrecked....but my house is shiny clean.

Had a nice hot bath, cup of chamomile tea and crawled into bed and died.

This morning, dh woke me up to take him to work. I ALWAYS wake before him....well not this time. He showed me a "funny" sign he made to fine my sister because she sent me an sms which I didn't hear...lol.
It says FINE Penalty for waking the sleeping.

After her signing the admission of guilt, he offered for us to go and time out over a cup of morning coffee. Well.....I could not say no to that. emoticon

While at the mall, dh phoned and asked me to do a little favor for him at a shop called Clicks and when I arrived to do the favor.....I found two nail varnishes in colors that match my two latest outfits in smaller sizes and ON SALE. Yay if I hadn't done the favor, I wouldn't have found the nail varnish at that incredibly ridiculous price.

After that I came home to finish the washing of the insides of the kitchen cupboards. Now I'm tired again....maybe I can get another coffee gift tomorrow. lol

My nephew has a very advanced flight simulator game. In the spare room, he built a case which looks like the inside of a cockpit, esp in the dark. So now when we go "flying" its so realistic. He's invited us to fly with the Rory Airlines again this Wed evening. I will take some photo's its such fun. He gets to chat to the REAL control tower, and even has real time flights, and real time weather. Absolutely incredible. I'm looking forward to that.

In the meantime, the days just dragging on fine. No highs, no lows....just a steady stream of general work stuff. No meetings this week either due to our assembly this weekend.

Eating great still, and the weight has gone from a flooding to a trickle....but its still going down, that's the all important thing for me. Other than that, my health has improved greatly and I'm waiting patiently for boot camp to start again on the 8th July. I still haven't managed one walk....but goodness I count the major house scrubbing as work enough and worth the walk without the pleasure.

Hope you're all having a good day too and eating healthily.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I read this blog in the AM now I am ready for a nap LOL

    Sorry you whacked yourself, sounded nasty.

    Have a great day and try to get out for a little walk. Not one of your all day hikes just a walk.

    Hugs Mary
    1794 days ago
    Housework is hard work! Sorry you had a mishap on the chair..hope no lasting effects from that!
    Glad your health is getting better! And you are eagerly awaiting bootcamp! Walking is one of my fave things, but also the biking as of a few months ago, as you read in my blog. It is hard to get to a regular exercise schedule sometimes. Since getting my fitbit flex it has made me want to move even more! I came from being the Queen of Coach Potatoes to doing 4-5 mile walks in one day! Took years to get there, but if you put your best foot forward you will too!!! emoticon

    1795 days ago
    great stuff lol well not the banging of the leg/knee

    boot camp will be back with a blink of an eye.
    1795 days ago
    emoticon on the exercise.
    1795 days ago
    You've been a busy beaver! I need to follow suit and get my house scrubbed.
    1795 days ago
    That purple nail polish looks absolutely delicious.
    I am so going to have a look at your weight ticker on your page. Would love to see where you are at now.
    Good Job CELEST!
    1795 days ago
    Wow, you have been busy! All that climbing and descending will cause the flood gates to flow downhill again. Growing up, my mother always did a complete spring cleaning and fall cleaning; cupboards, drawers, closets, dressers, walls, ceilings, silver, everywhere. Although I helped, I never got the bug. That's not to say I don't clean, but not to the extent my mother did. She was the domestic goddess, and I am not. Not I.

    Have a great day!
    1795 days ago
    Sounds like things are going good! I have to clean my fridge but have been putting it off for quite a while because I know it's going to take me a long time. Keep up the fabulous work! Erin
    1795 days ago
  • GINA180847
    So glad you are still seeing weight loss even if it is a trickle. Realistically you could not have expected to keep losing at such an amazing rate. How wonderful that you are feeling so energetic and getting the house scrubbed. My house is well scrubbed from my energy burst a while ago but the yard is still sitting waiting for me to weed that flower and raspberry bed. I am keeping the lawn cut, about 1/4 acre of it and the pots with strawberrys just need regular watering. Today I want to try Otto (Rottweiler mix) with a whistle. Hubby is coming along to help in case he runs off on me but I suspect that hearing is his problem as I tried the whistle in the house and Otto responded amazingly. My friends have been saying maybe he is not bonded well to me but that is ridiculous. Not that I said that to them but he has never had such a good life and we have had him for 6 months.
    1795 days ago
    I've been thinking about you all day yesterday and again this morning as I try to set things to rights expecting SP visitors (any minute). Your description of cleaning your house sure reminds me of all the things I don't get to most of the time. A little company is good incentive, but, I never get the whole house done to your degree...well, I did ONCE..the very first time my inlaws visited here. Never again since. Just heard a door slam. Back later.
    1795 days ago
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