Baseball Tourney weekend trip to Blue Earth, MN

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Both my sons had baseball tourneys this past weekend. One was playing in Apple Valley, MN which isn't too far from our house and the other was playing in Blue Earth, MN which is 3 hours away. Guess which tourney I got to go too.... the further one away.

I didn't mind too much because it is fun getting away and staying at a hotel. I was excited to hang out with his team and Andrew was very excited to be with his friends. Luckily I had some adult support with my sister joining us on this trip which made it even more fun. What we didn't count on was the rain.... flooding.... and major storms.

Friday night wasn't too bad. It was humid but the pool felt nice. The kids had a blast and I think the adults had fun as well. My sister and I stayed up pretty late and once we finally went to bed we were awoken by bad storms. I like a good storm so my face was planted against the window. (Not the safest place might I add.) But this storm was so bad that we actually had our hotel window leaking in rain water. I thought for sure that the tournament was going to be cancelled. But nope.... they brought in sub pumps and pumped the water off the field. It was a squishy, sloppy mess! But the kids were able to play some ball and that is all that mattered.

(My daughter ready to watch some baseball.)

(Team pic at the Jolly Green Giant! My son is the one in the bright neon yellow shoes.)

The games were delayed but we were able to get in the two games that we were guaranteed to play. We lost both games and the kids were very happy to get back to the hotel. It was a very hot day out in the sun and the humid weather just drained everyone. By the time we got back to the hotel around 8:30, the pool and some adult refreshments were very welcomed.

Sunday morning we woke up to more puddles. I guess it stormed that morning but I slept through it this time thanks to the alcohol the night before. But with this rain it meant more flooding on the fields. The games were delayed yet again and once we got to the fields this is what we saw....

More huge puddles and the fields were a mess. I thought for sure they would cancel the rest of the tournament. I was ready to get back home too. But nope... in came the sub pumps yet again. This time they only did the in fields which left the outfields majorly soaked. The games went on and we were finally able to get on the road after 3:00.

(Picture of the team as we were waiting for the games to get started. My son has the banana sticking out of his mouth... such a goof ball.)

(The girls were trying to have some fun while we waited the 4-5 hours....)

All in all it was a very fun trip. My sons baseball team has some great kids on it and they were a blast to be around this weekend.

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