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What Does a Day or a Week or a Month Look Like?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What Does a Day or a Week or a Month Look Like? No, really! I'm not kidding! What does your typical day look like when you are trying to watch what you eat?

My day goes like this: Up to see my husband off to work. On week days he will eat cereal. No matter how many hours I sleep or how early or late I go to bed or how early or late I get up, I have no appetite for typical breakfast food, especially cereal (I've tried and tried to eat it.) The only reason I make myself eat something is because all I ever read about healthy eating is to start off the day with a good breakfast! About an hour to an hour and a half later, my Mother gets up and I fix her hot cereal for her breakfast. Then, I get her to her chair and hook up her oxygen. By the time I get started with the day's routine it is time to start cooking lunch because my husband comes home for lunch most days. He is home from 12-1. I usually fix something light like a cold cut sandwich, canned beans, salad and tea. He wants our evening meal to be between 5 and 6. Depending on how much time I have, I try to fix a nice balanced hot meal. My Mom is going to be 101 in a couple of months and requires proper nutrition to maintain strength. Her heart is bad and she suffers from anemia. So most of the time I have to create meals that are full-bodied (nothing 'lite'). Also, many days I have several grandchildren here to look after, too. (especially during the summer.) I am kept busy all day long trying to fit my regular household duties while playing with the kids. They will read for awhile but usually want to be around me and ask me to play. Sometimes, I do but sometimes I don't because I can't seem to get ahead of what all needs to be done each day.

On the weekends I fix my husband whatever he wants for breakfast, usually eggs and a meat of some kind, refried beans, & homemade hash browns. Sometimes he asks for
pancakes and a meat. I feel better after eating this type of breakfast. Better yet a hamburger patty or a sausage patty or even cold pizza or a hot dog--all are more to my liking than regular breakfast-type stuff.

Herein lies my main dilemma. In order to feel well enough to get through my day, I have to eat protein for breakfast. I will feel hungry way before lunchtime or if I don't eat the right things (that satisfy my hunger) I will want food before mealtime.

Also, when I cook, I taste for seasoning. Not a lot, but a calorie is a calorie, right? If I am not too hungry, I make right choices concerning portions. But, if I am super hungry all willpower goes out the window at the first bite. I am not much of a snacker, but I seemingly have no control once something that tastes good enters my mouth! In other words, I overeat anything that tastes good. I have learned that if I don't eat enough then I am constantly going to the kitchen for something else to eat. So, how in the world can I change such a bad way of eating? Don't get me wrong, I have tried many ways of achieving a good balance between what's enough (according to my mouth) and what's enough according to my body--metabolism--whatever you want to call that which keeps me at a constant 247 pounds!!
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  • CHERYLA2012
    When my Mom came to live with us I rethought our meals - simply by doubling what I made for dinner, leftovers were created so my husband and Mom have a hot lunch everyday and I have it for my breakfast!

    Other days I have half a serving of whole almonds (14 grams) and 170 grams of Greek yogurt with 1 Tablespoon (16-18 grams) jam/jelly in it, or I may have a heart of romaine lettuce salad with cucumbers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and a choice of 1/2 cup beans, tuna, or 1 ounce shredded cheese, and 2 Tablespoons dressing.

    I find I also do much better if I have protein for breakfast. Frankly, as long as I eat breakfast - that's all that matters - not whether I have "typical" breakfast foods.

    ... So, how in the world can I change such a bad way of eating? ...

    One step at a time and you will get there!

    Also, are you drinking enough water? There is a hydration calculator you can check out which will tell you how much you should be drinking. You can find it at:

    Many times when our bodies give us the signal that we're hungry we are actually thirsty because that signal comes from the same part of the brain that registers hunger. By the time we actually feel thirsty, we are in fact, dehydrated.

    I drink at least 64 ounces of water a day - I only track that much - I know I go over. It does sound like a lot if you're not accustomed but I break it down like this: 1 8-ounce glass with my allergy pill and EPO supplement in the morning, fill my 24-ounce water bottle twice during the day, and an 8-ounce glass in the evening when I take my thyroid pill. 64 ounces right there! That doesn't include the water I have at dinner or when I enjoy a cup of tea.

    I was skeptical about drinking the water but when I started it truly began helping me lose weight because being properly hydrated meant my body was not holding onto water weight because it was getting enough!

    I also track sodium in the Nutrition Tracker because my Mom has Afib and eating lower sodium helps her. It also benefits my husband and I so win-win!

    I wish you much success on your journey to becoming the healthiest you can be!

    1761 days ago
    Sounds like you have quite a lot on your "plate". Be sure you take time for yourself whenever you can!
    1761 days ago
  • ELLES26
    a blur.
    1762 days ago
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