Sinkhole in MN!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Guess we made the national news even with this- Right here in our tiny little town we had a huge sinkhole not 2-3 miles form our house. Big hole in the middle of a fairly busy street in the middle of our downtown. Could put a small bus or delivery truck in it no problem. Jim took a photo on his cell phone, but doesn't help me for posting it here. Lot of rerouting around town as the city deals with fixing it. At least no one was hurt or fell into it.

Power still out for many in the area. We have out of state teams helping out to restore power. We are okay. Heard many have to wait until Weds or Thurs.

Tomorrow is a fun day, get to do take the prep stuff for my colonoscopy on Wednesday. Will be sticking around the house for sure later in the day on Tuesday!
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