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On the mend

Monday, June 24, 2013

Finally feeling better. I've been up and active for most of the day now and will return to work tomorrow with a very brief audit. Then resuming full days on Wednesday.

I still sound like a barking seal when I cough....but it's good for two things 1. clears the room...2...gets everyones attention. emoticon

My back muscles and my ribs are sore from the coughing...wonder if there are activity points in there??? Kidding about the points. I'm going to stretch tonight and do some light weights to try and help those muscles a bit.

Unfortunately, my voice is still pretty scratchy and I can't talk for long without losing my voice altogether. I think my husband is happy about that... emoticon

I have many SP posts and entries to catch up on....and I am so grateful that I had SP to look at and read while I was in bed. I am a terribly grumpy patient, so having that distraction truly helped.

Now...for this next paragraph...if anyone is squeamish or doesn't like snakes....skip down past this paragraph. emoticon

The other fun thing we had happen was on Friday...we had to go to the pet store and pick up food for the snakes. While there, one of the managers was showing us a very lovely ball python...we brought him home and named him Bonzo...he's 23in long and weighs 155grams; he's big at only 5 months old. We also adopted another ball python...a little baby only about 2 months old who is suffering from malnutrition. The pet store was having trouble feeding him and getting him to eat so the poor thing is terribly thin. They adopted him, Floyd, to us so we could nurse him to health. I had to use a method called 'force' feeding, which is basically having the snake open its mouth while you put the mouse in and then hold it til the snake eats. That first feeding was successful (and not at all forcing as the name implies). Today, my little Floyd successfully ate on his own! I think he will make it. As I watched Floyd eat...I cried. Whether you like snakes or not...he's one of God's creatures and to know that he was so malnourished was heartbreaking. To see him come around, even if its only a small amount and feed on his own....just overwhelmed me with emotion, joy, happiness, relief. He's already got my do all of my pets.

emoticon emoticon And I just enrolled myself in the courses needed to obtain another credential. It's considered the 'master' of credentials for coders/auditors. I hope to have the studying done within the next 3 months and then hope to obtain the credential before the end of the year.

I also heard that our weekend at the conference in Palm Springs was successful in gaining two new speaking engagements and possibly one additional client. I'm so excited!!!! emoticon

So...despite being sick, it's been a pretty good week!
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