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Well That Was An Expensive Weekend!

Monday, June 24, 2013

It didn't start out that way. Thursday was my payday, that means it was my turn to buy the groceries this weekend. I did that, plus put gas in my car for the week and bought lunch and Starbucks for us on Sat. After all that I had enough for gas next week (and a small cushion of like $50). Then came Sunday. We went out for Starbucks then back home. That afternoon we were watching NHRA and hubby asks me if I see a green spot on the TV screen. I said yes..but maybe it was the Mellow Yellow NHRA logo that had just been on, you know...like the image had been retained in my eyes. We were trying to figure it out when the TV went POP. Uh oh! This happened last yr too. We knew what the problem was. The new (new as in used but new to our TV) power supply board we put in to fix the TV last had died! emoticon The TV is like 7 yrs old and they don't make the power supply boards anymore. We were lucky to find the one we needed last year. So what to do...what to do? Well...the only thing we could do is buy a new TV.

I went on line and found one at Best Buy. It was $799 (55" LED Smart TV), hubby says he has $600 he can use and I told him I'd go half on it. I had $400 in cash and another $550 in my savings account (that was a buffer car payment). So off we go to Best Buy. By the time we were done...we'd spent $1K, what with the TV cost and the 5 yr protection plan we got. And somehow...I ended up paying $700 of my money and hubby ponied up $300. Hubby's idea of half is a bit off! emoticon He'll square up with me at some point, but I was a bit peeved that it worked out that way. Good thing I'm working OT right now. I hope to be able to rebuild that little nest egg in my saving account. Plus Jason will be here next week (I'm off work the whole week he's here), so I'll need some spending money then too. So we now have a great new TV but I'm broke! emoticon

After getting the new TV setup, hubby and I moved the old one (with power cord, remote, and the old power supply board) out to the sidewalk with a sign on it that said "Bad Power Supply". It set there for about 3 hrs, then someone stopped and took it all away. emoticon we've found that if have stuff to trash like that, we can set it outside and someone will take it. Broke or not! It saves the trash man having to pick it up on Wed (the old TV was a 50' Plasma and HEAVY, the new one is much lighter).

Like I said....Jason (my son) will be here on Sat for a week. I was kind of surprised he picked now to come down, as it's going to be HOT and he doesn't do hot/sunny well. I imagine we'll stay in the house mostly, but I do want to take him to In & Out and Smashburger while he's here. I'm not sure how much exercise I'll be able to get in that week, but I'll try.

With everything that went on this weekend...my eating sucked. I had been doing so well too. I hit a new low for me, weight wise, on Friday. But was back up this morning. I'm hoping some of it is water gain. We'll see how it all shakes out this week.

I did my workout at lunch. I'm suppose to be doing the elliptical this week, but they were all taken so I used one of the treadmills. I didn't push too hard as I tweaked my back moving the old TV out to the sidewalk on Sunday. It hurts if I move a certain way on the lower left side. emoticon

Dinner tonight is, as always, a seat of my pants thing. But I'm thinking maybe fish. emoticon

OK..that willdo it for me. I have a cute video to upload, if I can do that. In the mean time...have a great rest of Monday!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    oooh, body injuries suck! 20 billion extra points for getting on the treadmill while your back hurt. For me, when the back is tweaked I hate to risk hurting it again. It was probably a great thing the elliptical machines weren't free. I once was an exerciser, but then I took an elliptical to the back and all that. They can hurt things a bit more with the motion they work on your back.

    Also, we've all had that sad day on the scale when we've been working so hard. It will get better:) Hey, anyone who fights onto a treadmill when they hurt is determined:) Good luck in your journey!
    1759 days ago
    Well congrats on the new addition to the family. We keep wondering how long our TV can keep running. We've kind of decided we're not buying a new one till it dies. I swear they make the dern things disposable these day (unless you get a five year warranty!) Hugs, Calen~
    1760 days ago
    So sorry to hear your TV went out again. That is too bad. I am glad to hear you were able to get a replacement. Enjoy your new TV and have a great day!
    1761 days ago
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