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Summit in Las Vegas

Monday, June 24, 2013

I went to a Beachbody event that was held in Las Vegas from June 20th-23rd. There were tons of training classes to go to from the best of the best. I feel super focused and motivated. I am ready to get major results. I had the opportunity to workout with Shaun T. Now that is an experience I will never forget. His energy is through the roof. He is so passionate about what he is doing you cannot help but feel it too. His new workout was released today..it is called Focus T25. It is 25 minutes 5 days per week for 10-15 weeks depending on what you choose. The people that have gone through the test group have lost anywhere from 15-40 pounds, mega inches and body fat. I have to finish up Insanity first then take a week off in between the two programs. So I am going to start this one July 15th. I am soo excited for this one.

I even did a Tai Cheng workout with Dr. Mark Cheng. That was a real eye opening experience. In the beginning he asks us to try to do a wide leg squat where your feet are pointed out just slightly. I could get down to a basic squat with no problem while he was all the way down with his butt about 6 inches from the floor. We then went through some basic stretching and alignment moves...nothing to strenuous or anything. My heart rate got up a little bit with some lunge moves...nothing I could not handle. At the end of the 30-45 minute workout he asked us to do the same squat as we attempted in the beginning of the workout and I was able to go all the way down like Dr. Cheng was able to. And the results were the same all the way around the room. I did not realize how out of alignment my body was and how it effects everything you do. Tai Cheng is definitely not for the grandma and grandpa's out there. It is for anyone who moves.
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