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Food Blog Weekend Edition & Weigh in #1

Monday, June 24, 2013

"Fall seven times, stand up 8." This is and always will be my motto.

Well consider be back and standing up!

Breakfast: Egg beaters omelet with spinach, onions and sun dried tomatoes and topped with reduced fat cheddar, one slice of toast with light butter and 2 pineapple rings. All the yellow and the lightening does not make this look too appealing but it was delicious.

Lunch: Salad with butter lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, chick peas, bbq corn kernels and some baked chicken with light balsamic dressing.

After workout snack: Half a banana and string cheese

Dinner: Pizza made on a low fat tortilla with artichoke and tomato and a kiwi. I brushed the tortilla with olive oil because my tracker was telling me I was under for my healthy fats. It made it so nice and crispy. I may do this every time!

Workout: 33 minutes on the cross ramp (AKA: Benecio)

Total Calories: 1,523
Calories Burned: -320
Net Calories: 1,203

Breakfast: Dunkin Donuts turkey sausage breakfast sandwich and a medium lite latte.

Lunch: I was running around for most of the days and by the time I was about to eat lunch it was only a few hours until dinner so I had a snack. Wrap with turkey, reduced fat cheddar, garlic hummus and taboule salad and a mini diet Dr. Pepper.

Snack: Banana

Dinner: Ate my dinner before I got a chance to take a picture so here are the leftovers. Two green chicken enchiladas with roasted peppers and half a cup of fat free refried beans.

Snack: McDonald’s vanilla ice cream cone

Exercise: 45 minute river walking class. This is such a fun class early on Saturday morning. It’s at a water park and we walk against the lazy river. They crank it up so strong that it can be very difficult to even lift your leg. Sometimes I have to reach down and use my arms to keep my legs moving, lol. I wish I could wear my HRM or Fitbit to find out how many calories I’m burning but for now I have to guess.
I also did 20 minutes of strength training.

Total Calories: 1,737
Calories Burned: -384
Net Calories: 1,353

Breakfast: Organic whole wheat waffle with sugar free syrup, three small turkey sausages with ketchup and a cutie. I also had two cups of coffee with agave nectar and vanilla coconut milk. Best coffee ever!

Lunch: I had another wrap with turkey, lettuce, hummus, taboule salad, tomato and onion along with a serving of reduced fat kettle chips, a pickle and a mini diet Dr. Pepper.

Dinner: Chili lime chicken burger (no bun) with low fat cheddar cheese, sweet potato fries with ketchup and cheesy broccoli patties and Honest Tea.

Snack: A cup of strawberries

Exercise: Rich, Becca and I went for a 45 minute walk

Total Calories: 1,731
Calories Burned: -188
Net Calories: 1,543


Starting Weight: 233
Last weight in: 217.5
Current Weight: 216.7 (-.8)
Total Weight Loss: -16.3

Summary: I'm happy with the loss because this week started off very rocky. On Monday I over ate and on Tuesday I ate half a loaf of banana bread and I felt terrible about it. I ended up eating over 3,000 calories that day. Ugh. But that was the kick in the pants I needed.
I got up, dusted myself off and got back to it. Then I kicked ass the rest of the week! This weekend in particular totally rocked food wise and I did something physical for at least half an hour every day. I’m feeling great and really motivated and can’t wait to kill it this week too. Fat, you are going down!

Now go kill some fat yourself and lets all have a great week!
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