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Making Excuses and Why Did It Take So Darned Long to Change My Life Around?

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Weigh-in on Saturday was most successful - 173 pounds! Yet another day at a new Lowest Adult Weight. Yippee! Each day, I like better and better what I am becoming, the old person I am shedding. Even the flabby arms and the squishy belly don't bug me like they used to - my body is MINE, and I know and love what I am now versus a mere 7 months ago.

But why did it take me so long to get here? I'm not talking about the 7 months it's taken to get to my weight today, I mean the YEARS between when I was 183 (2006) and actually losing this weight. Thinking about it, if I hadn't fallen off the wagon and gained a whopping 85 pounds, I would be firmly in maintenance, living a healthy life at a healthy weight.

I made a lot of excuses for my behavior - excuses that don't really hold up to my new eyes. Here are a few of my "favorites", my tried-and-true ones to make my bad eating habits more legitimate.

"It's too hard." - You know what's also too hard? Carrying around a 100 pound person with you EVERY DAY while you walk, exercise, climb stairs, or sleep. THAT is what I was doing EVERY DAY a year ago. I wouldn't voluntarily carry 100 pounds of rice with me everywhere I went - WHY is it OK for me to carry that on my hips and waist and butt???

"It's too expensive." - You know what's also too expensive? Drugs for various medical treatments. Getting diabetes or high blood pressure before you are 30. Paying for two seats in an airplane because you are so big. Being unable to do things you want, visit places you want, and live the life you want because you are so heavy and unhealthy.

"It's inconvenient." - You know what's also inconvenient? Having to go to specialty stores to find clothes. Or wandering around looking for an elevator because the stairs make you too tired. Or being too tired to do anything other than sit in front of a computer and watch YouTube.

"I'm too tired/busy." - If I am too tired and busy for GOOD HEALTH for ME, what does this say about me and my priorities? That a burger today means more than healthy life for many years to come??

"I don't see any results." - You know what - if I don't even TRY, don't even ATTEMPT, I will NEVER see results. Giving up before I even really begin, starting half-heartedly, or not putting my FULL EFFORT into it (like I might when chasing down a burger at Red Robin) just means that I am setting myself up to FAIL.

My health is important. My life is important. I am more important than some burger or fries or milkshake or frappuccino. Those things are eaten today and gone tomorrow, but my body will be here for many years to come IF I take care of it properly.

I AM WORTH IT. I am worth the price for good foods. I am worth taking the extra time and effort. I am worth carving time out of a busy schedule when I am tired to make sure I am taken care of.

So all those excuses that I used to tell myself are one thing: Excuses. A way to "get out" of doing the hard work, of saying no, of finding a way to get myself back on track. And while I am upset it took me so many years to figure out how to shut those excuses up, I am glad I did, and I am glad I am finally taking care of ME.

YOU are also worth it! Never let yourself get away with thinking you don't deserve good, healthy foods and a healthy body! Don't let the excuses bring you down - tell them NO, you ARE worth it!!
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