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My "public" demands another TMI blog! LOL

Monday, June 24, 2013

Believe it or not, I've been asked when I'm posting another TMI blog...lol That cracks me up! So, ok, I haven't updated in a while, sorry..slacking here.

Let's start with the TMI bit, shall we?

I am 4 weeks post op tomorrow and a few days ago one of my scabs (still scabbing..ugh) from one of my incisions was coming off so I lightly pulled at it thinking it would come off easily...it didn't. It seemed to be stuck but not to my skin..after investigating more, it did come off but then what it was attached to was still there sticking out. What was it? It looked and felt something like FISHING LINE! Apparently I did have stitches, but they were inside. I'm assuming (and really hoping!) they are the ones that disintegrate! So I had this tiny fishing line type stuff sticking out just a tad...ewwww... This was late at night, by the next morning, it scabbed over again or got sucked back in or something because I didn't find it again...bummer, I wanted to show hubby! lol

Ok, so there's my TMI portion of this blog. :)

As for other stuff..I was stuck in a stall for about a week (until last weekend) and as of this weekend just past I was down another 5 pounds! Woo hoo! Total since the beginning is 35 and since surgery is 18. I'm definitely noticing that I'm able to do things without being so winded and feeling ridiculously out of shape. I'm still obviously very out of shape, but I can't believe the difference in only 30 pounds! Imagine how amazing I'll feel when I lose another 30 or 60+ I can't wait! XD

I'm starting to drink a little more normal..meaning not taking just a teaspoon of a sip at a time. I can take a normal drink, but I can't chug (or shouldn't..haven't really tried and don't want to.) It's hard not to and hard to remember not to, especially when I just did something that made me hot or something and I just want to drink! But I'm getting there..a constant struggle probably the rest of my life, which I knew and I'm willing to deal with for my health.

Eating hasn't given me too much trouble, I'm starting to eat things like ground beef/turkey mixed with onions/peppers/tomatoes WITHOUT pureeing it (Yay for real food!) also have been eating a lot of fish, artificial crab's been handy and easy to chew/soft, so that's been popular for me recently too. Sometimes beans, also without pureeing. So glad to be leaving the pureed stage, though it hasn't been as horrible as I expected. Unfortunately, I preplanned too much maybe, because I have several unopened protein shake containers now that I'm not really using or needing to anymore. Darn it! LOL

Now, what I'm going to talk about next I'm not sure if it's wrong or not....

Back story, my niece was visiting and hanging out a couple weeks ago. She wanted a pop-tart, I gave her a package (has 2 in it), she opened it and took a bite like it was a sandwich. (Who does that??? Weird kid!) But then got distracted by something else my hubby wanted to show her and have her taste and didn't eat any more! LOL I couldn't waste them, so I put them in a baggie and back in the cabinet figuring hubby will eat them eventually. (They're here for him, I didn't used to eat them before very often and they're not triggers for me or anything.) However, after a day or two I knew they were still there and I just had the biggest urge just to taste it. I took a small piece (like the size of a quarter maybe) and chewed it really well and ate it. Thought it would help me learn again about the sugars/bread type stuff and how my body will respond to it. The tiny bit apparently wasn't a problem for my belly...like I said I chewed it well to make sure nothing got stuck or gummed up and the sugars were probably so minimal in that tiny piece that my body didn't care. So, every once in a while I will take a small quarter size piece and eat it as a little treat. (This was 2 weeks ago...there's still almost a whole one left..so I guess over the course of 2 weeks I ate about 1 pop tart..lol)

Also, last night I got together with the fam and had dinner. I made an egg and had baked beans as well (I was able to eat the egg and about a tablespoon of the beans...it still shocks me that I get full so quickly!) However, mom made pasta with chicken parm (the Encore frozen chicken parm that's breaded in tomato sauce.) Pasta was a trigger for me, but I knew what was for dinner before I decided to go. It was a tiny bit hard not to have any, but wasn't horrible..I'm pleased that I feel like I have control, even over pasta. Well after dinner as I was putting it away, again I wanted to "test" my belly so I cut a tiny piece of chicken (like really tiny...size of a penny?) and ate 1 spaghetti noodle and it was ok. It's such a tiny amount I figured could that little itty bitty bit really affect me at all? But it was good to try it just to know I could still have a taste and not die from it. Makes me feel a little more normal.

And one final thing about food...hubby was away this weekend at some guy techy something-or-other weekend event and they got McD's breakfasts donated. They had extra so he brought one home for me. Now, again back story on this...at a support group meeting, they had discussed what foods are acceptable (or at least better than others) IF you have to eat out or something. One thing mentioned was an egg mcmuffin. If you take off one side of the muffin, you're left with ham, egg, cheese (all ok) and 1/2 the muffin which is also ok for you, as long as you can tolerate it. Now they were talking about once you're months out and settled in general with food you can eat and tolerate. But hubby saw the egg mcmuffin and thought "she's allowed to eat that, they said so"...lol I did the egg/cheese/ham over the course of 2 meals and I did taste a small piece of the muffin, again just to see how it goes down and kind of testing the belly a little bite at a time. All was well, but didn't want to risk anything so threw the rest of the muffin away. Hard to waste food....growing up always was a never waste food kind of life, so it's VERY hard to throw perfectly good food away...but I know I'd rather throw it in the trash than have it in me when it's not really nutritionally necessary or worse yet have it thrown away in the toilet later if it doesn't sit well...ewww! I'm learning....

One final thing, I have discovered a new and dangerous hobby. I'm not back to work yet, I work with people with physical disabilities and have to help with transports to and from wheelchairs, so I'm off for several weeks...possibly going back in about 2 weeks. Anyway, my new hobby to get me out of the house and from going stir crazy...auctioning! I've never been to an auction before and about a week ago happened across one and we went and are totally addicted! LOL Sooooo much fun! We got a new washing machine for my mom for $25, got a beautiful roll top desk for $5, and other random stuff! So much fun and so exciting! Potentially dangerous! lol Actually, we had a yard sale this past weekend to get rid of some of our old stuff anyway...making room for new! LOL Actually, we don't buy much, but it's still fun and exciting when we do. Did pretty well at the yard sale, even though I was alone since hubby had his weekend away, but again, I felt amazed at my abilities to move stuff in and out of the house by myself and setting up, moving tables, etc. Before I'd be dying after a couple of boxes, but I did ALL of it myself and felt ok...can't even describe the difference...again in ONLY 35 POUNDS! I can't wait and can't imagine how awesome I'm going to feel when I lose more!

And another really long blog....sorry...lol Be well, sparkfriends!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • PATTYR81
    I'm also in your Public TMI Fanclub! emoticon

    This really is the place to share this stuff cuz who else is interested in our 'stuff'???? Plus your sharing gives me the courage not to be embarrassed to share my TMI when I need to emoticon Also I always learn something from those TMI posts!

    I also had the fishing line sticking out of my incisions. After a time, they fell out and/or came out when I GENTLY pulled on them. They were weird, I know!!

    I also had a hard time getting my head around weight loss numbers. One day I looked at a 10 lb sack of potatoes and thought I was carrying around 2 of those???? Then as the pounds came off, I would look at those sacks and thought '3 of those??? 4 of those??? etc." WOW! emoticon

    emoticon on all your hard work and effort paying off!

    emoticon for sharing!!
    1813 days ago
    It's so exciting hearing about how quickly you've begun to feel the results of your weight loss! I'm so happy for you! emoticon
    1820 days ago
  • KELSEY65
    I was told about the muffin removal and eating the insides. I won't mind throwing bread out when I get to that stage, I can always rip it up for the birds, they will love it.

    Great post, thank you for sharing! emoticon
    1824 days ago
    I am five weeks out and I know what you mean by testing. I have not been as fortunate as you. I am sticking to the surgeons plan until my courage returns to try again. (Six weeks is when I am allowed by his schedule.) I am down 46 pounds total. Feeling better and being able to do more makes it all worth it! Keep up the great work! emoticon
    1824 days ago
    I am so glad you are doing well. My strength and endurance was sapped after my surgery and it took me longer because of the complications to get up and get moving. I am moving now and my weight is not :). I know I am building muscle and changing shape because of my clothing fit is lose requiring smaller size. My fit bit has helped me really get walking making 10,000 steps a day. Maybe you would enjoy one too!
    1824 days ago
    you are doing wonderful! Keep up the great work!
    1825 days ago
    Your public is thankful!
    I had staples. And no scabs.
    I told you that your weight would go into 'free fall' soon
    Have fun at the auctions!
    And good job on the weight loss and on doing that yard sale all by yourself.
    Bless you
    1825 days ago
  • KNH771
    Hmmm... I have an opinion about the "testing" but I think I'll keep it to myself. You need to figure out for yourself what your boundaries will be. If you have questions or concerns, I'd sit down with your doctor, dietician or counselor, or swing by a support group.

    As for throwing food away, you can get half cup tupperware containers and freeze food in individual portions. Most things will keep for three months, so if you plan your meals in advance, you'll have much less waste.
    1825 days ago
    1825 days ago
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