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Monday, June 24, 2013

Exercising-I have been very lazy about it and I have only exercised once in the last couple of months. So.......
1. Start using the stairs at work (instead of the elevator)
2. Start exercising at LEAST 15 minutes a day (including weekends)
3. Take the dog for a walk at least twice a week (I will have time on the weekends)
4. Blow up the exercise balls that have been collecting dust in my basement, and use them

Bad Habits-I have cut down my smoking a lot, but not so much the drinking. I think i can quit smoking completely (as long as i'm not drinking, because that's when i want one the most)
1. At LEAST 3 AF days per week
2. Quit smoking all together, for good, for ever!
3. Find an alternative to smoking, while drinking

Eating-I have been slacking on the weekends, because well "weekends don't count" and "i'm just too busy to cook meals" (excuses, excuses) so....
1. Plan Meals, make a calendar (like the school lunch menu) if i have to
2. Track calories on the weekends too
3. Cut down the drinking, hundreds of calories go way too fast when you are drinking them

Me and my husband made a joke a while ago, but now i think i might actually try it. We have a pull up/push up bar thing that hangs in the doorway of our kitchen (the rest of our doors are either rounded or we need to close them, so we couldn't use them) So we made a joke that every time we go into the kitchen to eat, we should do a certain amount of pulls ups first. Recently I noticed that we walk into the kitchen to scope out the cupboards and fridge (even though were not really THAT hungry) and usually end up snacking. Maybe once i do the pull-ups, i will forget about that snack.....
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