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Monday, June 24, 2013

The character "Muminmamman" by finnish author Tove Jansson say in one of the stories: "It is not hard to be brave if you are not afraid" - that has made me understand that all the people who climb Mount Everst is not necessarily brave than the average person, they are not afraid... I have gotten admiring comments because I am a good public speaker "– Wow, how brave to face a thousand people!" - it is not brave because I am not afraid of it.

The same with eatinghealthily - I read a lot of rather moralising opinions that you have to work, you have to decide you have to stay strong... and it is obvious that it is not hard to eat less if you don´t have the cravings... but somehow that is often lost. I have friends that never struggle with their weight - they are normal weighted and stay that way because they are not that interested in eating.

These thoughts comes from me getting relief from cravings for a couple of days - correction, the cravings returned after just 24 hours but at the same time I feel so full that I truly don´t want to eat. If this could last I would lose weight without any big effort.

I don´t know why it occured, maybe it is the dieuretica medication (one rare side effect that is mentioned is "Anorexia", I am very far from that but it might explain that I feel sort of disgusted with food.

That said I woke up tonight from hunger. I had a nightmare where my daughter was a small child again and her father was blocking me from her - probably came from an SMS from her yesterday that told me that she was on Åland - an island between Sweden and Finland - and couldn´t read my Sms, it made me uneasy.

When I hae starved in the past it has never affected my sleep. I am not starving now, I had three reasonable meals yesterday and felt full when I went to bed, slept for an hour or two and then woke up and could not get back to sleep.

This week is working week but I will probably fly under the radar and do is little as possible...

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    Do you meditate? As I read your post, that's the word that came to mind. Sometimes when I'm "off" and don't know why, I meditate. 5, 10, 15 minutes - whatever I can squeeze into my day or night. And it helps. Always. emoticon
    1818 days ago
    Feeding a need instead of feeding a craving is a more balanced way to tackle weight issues. Hang in there.
    1818 days ago
    Interesting thoughts. Hope all is well with you and your daughter and you sleep better tonight.
    1819 days ago
    Great thoughts! I have a friend who "forgets" to eat and she only remembers when she gets dizzy emoticon
    1819 days ago
    Both the lack of craving and the dream could be from the medication. When I have to take allergy medicine (a decongestant) I lose my desire to eat and also have very strange dreams where normally I don't even remember having dreams. But the medicine has other effects that I don't like too and I take it as little as possible. It's not really an allergy it's a chemical sensitivity and I can control my environment most of the time. Other peoples homes are only a problem if I am a houseguest for awhile; perfumes, cleaning products, most things with added fragrances are a problem. When I'm going to be around a lot of people; I take the meds. That said, I do what I can to avoid those situations. Even my trigger foods don't trigger a craving when on the medication. But, a healthier choice for me is to control my environment when I can and keep the trigger foods out of my house. I've often thought "those foods" also had a chemical component but I've never figured it out. I have never overeaten on apples, but have bananas--higher in sugar? I've overeaten on grapes and strawberries too. Fat, sugar and salty foods are more easy to understand. Alcohol is more obvious too; some people can consume it without problems while many can not. Our challenges seem to be a product of our chemical make-up. So far, all I know to do is stay aware, do my best, and recognize there is no "one plan" that fits everyone. You will find yours; you won't stop until you do. emoticon
    1819 days ago
  • DEBRA0818
    Another metaphor frequently used is that naturally thin normal eaters are like people who are born at the finish line who sometimes can't understand why we fail to get there. The few times I have had a relief from cravings, I've thought it was an absolute miracle; however, I am also a compulsive overeater so I have an obsession of the mind that will trick me back into the food that causes the unbearable cravings. That is why I think of it now as a program of food that eliminates the cravings and a program of spirituality that helps to relieve the obsession of the mind that leads to the food and the cravings. It is a simple program, but as they say, not easy.
    1819 days ago
    Reading your blog I was thinking you might like to read Marna Thall's story.
    (Let me add that I followed Marna's 'program' for a few months but it did not cause me to lose a lot of weight. If I ever do, it may be in part though because of what I learned, because she does share a lot of important information and tips regarding hunger and habits).
    Some people indeed are just not interested in eating. I also think that 'normal eaters' are turned into food addicts by trying to diet. In that sense I was thinking today that really, a lot of the advice given at SP is pretty dangerous.
    Because once you start messing with your natural rhythms, deciding what to eat and when from the head and no longer based on what your body is telling you, it can - for some - become very hard to maintain a good weight. I went on my fist diet at 15 when there really was no need for it. But it really changed my thinking about food, and from then on I had weight problems.

    My personal thought: anorexia and other eating disorders are not really about eating or hunger. Anorexia patients don't starve themselves because theyare not hungry. Binge eating disordered people don't overeat because they have exceptional hunger. It is how they deal with life and emotions that causes the problems. I think somehow food becomes equel to 'comfort' or 'relief' and that's how the weight problems start for those with binge eating / emotional eating problems.
    So 'eating disorders' really should be called 'emotion disorders' or 'handling life disorders'!

    I've been blogging recently about a method that states that it's better to work on increasing self appreciation than to focus on food, what to eat and when.

    Of course it can still be that the diuretics made you lose appetite.
    1819 days ago

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