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Anger can do great things!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

You know that straw that breaks the camel's back. Well it just PO'ed the wrong little black duck. I will NOT live in stress imposed by others, they can . . . . . just go away it the only phrasing that works for spark!

I have drafted the letter for leaving my "spiritual" group - that my hubby and I started and have supported for over 7 years. I will have NO more to do with the leaches.

Hubby is having a really bad day today. He is pale and feels nauseous again. And the bugger still went to work. I'm worried absolutely sick. He know how much we are hurting financially and he only gets paid when he works. So he is doing what he can today. Bless that stupid man.

I had a 5 star day yesterday in spite of everything going on. I will have one again today. I have 93 days of summer and will NOT waste one of them on people who do not deserve my time. I'm tired of being lonely in a crowd. I refuse to allow it any longer.

I'm off to walk the dogs. By then hubby should be on his way back home. We will take the evening to relax together and watch a DVD. Day by day things will get better. I am not a priority to ME!!

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    Yup....this falls right into my 'no good deed goes unpunished' column.

    I'm sorry to say that the clannish self righteousness of SOME not ALL (no hate mail please) 'so called...look at me...I'm SUCH a Christian' seems to allow them a pass on good common sense and the ability to treat others in a Christ like way.

    Seriously in our own group we have a very GOOD Catholic criminal attorney...he gets up and rolls out of bed to go to church EVERY single morning at 5:00 a.m. He propounds his faith at every turn. But after church EVERY morning he goes into his office to defend pedophiles and serial killers and every other kind of slime on this beautiful earth...but he tells himself this is okay because it's his vocation and it makes him SCADS of money. emoticon I don't know...I'd have a hard time squaring that out in my mind but if he has no problem then I can't judge, I simply observe and state the facts. Okay...I'm judging question about it! emoticon But...this is a perfect example of what I'm saying so it is what it is. emoticon

    That's why I feel no need to profess myself 'such a good Christian' goodness needs no label to be reliable... and I feel much happier to go with the lower profile of 'a good spiritual student of the universe.'

    It takes all the pressure off of the hype and the hyperbole. Believe me...growing up as the grandchild of a Minister and Minister's wife I SAW it ALL in my 7 days of mandatory church going. While a very few were actually GREAT people...more were people looking for a niche to wear the mask of a good person. In other words they were GOOD on Sunday's and pretty rotten the remaining 6 days of the week.

    I truly, even as a child, never witnessed more holier than thou...jockeying for TOP DOG status and do as I SAY NOT as I do bunch as that churchy group of posers. I wouldn't say it if I hadn't been an eye witness and know it to be TRUTH!

    I think we witness this same mind set in today's world's just NOT my thing...and I'm so relieved that you've seen them for the shysters they are and have cut yourself FREE! emoticon

    NEVER waste your precious life energies on a vortex hell bent on sucking you dry and then asking for a doggie bag to take home!

    Kick those posers to the curb emoticon and get on with whats REALLY important, you, your hubs and your son! emoticon emoticon emoticon can add us sparkers to the list too! emoticon emoticon
    1796 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/25/2013 11:37:30 AM
  • JUSTME29
    A spiritual group should be supportive of its members. If it's not, then what's the point? How can you worship with people you don't even like? Good for you taking a stand.

    I'm sorry your hubby is feeling bad again. I hope that today's meeting with the surgeon goes well and your hubby can get fixed up and back to health quickly. Are there any agencies that can help you guys out temporarily? It always seems to me that that's where there is a huge need for social services - when people are injured/sick and off work temporarily. I know we struggled with that many years ago after my hubby was injured in a motorcycle accident.
    1797 days ago
    Good for you for ditching the toxic people. Maybe you can start a new group...or find one to join where they appreciate you for who you are and not who they think you should be. Hope hubby feels better.
    1797 days ago
    You've got the right attitude!!! You go girl!!
    1797 days ago
    May we find freedom from toxicity, making room for love and joy.
    1798 days ago
    Reminds me of a saying I saw once: Before you decide that you are depressed, make sure that it's not just that you are surrounded by jerks. Get out there and find a new spiritual group that has some good people in it. Forget the people who don't treat you as well as you treat them. They're not worth it.
    1798 days ago
    Good for you! There's nothing wrong with getting rid of people in your life who only want to suck the life out of you. Life too short to waste it on people who don't deserve your time and who aren't going to reciprocate what you give to them.

    Be yourself and the right people will come into your life. Being alone in a crowd means that it's time to find a new crowd.

    I really hope your hubby will be feeling better soon!

    emoticon emoticon
    1798 days ago
    Good for you, sweetie... you and DH have to decide what's best for you, what's most helpful and beneficial. Sometimes we do have to cut loose from certain people in our lives. Wish you and hubby the best. Will keep him in prayer for his surgery. Keep us posted... Love & Hugs
    1798 days ago
    Way to stand up for yourself. Do what's best for you and your husband and everyone else can take care of themselves. I recently had to remove some leaches in my life, and it was very hard to do but turned out to be best for me and my whole family!

    Hang in there! emoticon
    1798 days ago
    Good for you with the 5 star days and the writing of the letter! I feel a spiritual group should make you feel good! I do hope that Hubby doesn't push himself too hard. I know money is needed, but he needn't make matters worse by pushing too hard. It could lead to more time off in the end! I try to explain this one to my stubborn Hubby, but.... Hang in there! We are all here for you if you want or need us! You may not consider yourself a priority, but try to take care of you too! Remember why on airplanes they tell us to put the oxygen mask over your own nose and mouth first before assisting others! We can't help others when we are passed out on the floor! Hugs! Kisses to the girls!
    1798 days ago
    Anger can be very motivating. So put it to use! Sweat it out and rant if you need to...we are listening.
    1798 days ago
    It's so hard when things like this happen - don't forget that there are good people, kind acts, & loving hearts out there in spite of the events you are faced with. It is our own actions & hearts that make the difference. I wish you peace & health!
    1798 days ago
    Hang in there, it is hard when you give of yourself to others and they just don't care about you. Stay strong, emoticon
    1798 days ago
    1798 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    I love the "bunny vs wolf" picture. It made me laugh!
    1798 days ago
    One of my teachers waaaaaay back in HS said there are some people you DON'T WANT to like you - because then it makes you kind of like them.

    It was a wise viewpoint that I've held onto all these years.
    1798 days ago
    1798 days ago
    It's ok to stand up for yourself. I'll be praying that your hubby gets some relief from the pain. emoticon emoticon
    1798 days ago
    You deserve better than to be walked on, you are not a rug! I hope your Dh takes it easy.
    1798 days ago
    Do I detect an attitude? "Your DARN right I do!"

    I sincerely hope things start looking up for you and your family. In the meantime, you have a good place to vent.

    1798 days ago
    Good for you! Righteous anger, properly channeled, can lead to positive change. Cutting loose the leaches is a very positive action. You have too much to do to be dragged down by them.

    I'm sorry to hear DH is having a bad day. What a sweet and good man he is to go in to work anyway. Enjoy your relaxing evening together, and good luck on the doctor visit tomorrow.

    I love the quote about it being better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you aren't.

    1798 days ago
    Awwww. (((((HUGS))))) sorry to hear about your spiritual group turning into such a stressor. But you are handling things the way you see will benefit you and that's the most important thing. Sad, but it really is important to do what's best for you.

    As for DH, Sending hugs and prayers that he gets to feel better. **SIGH**

    sorry it was such a cruddy day.
    1798 days ago
    I have figured out that if you try to be someone else, there is still a possibility that nobody will like you... At least when you are yourself, there is somebody who's gonna like you for sure: yourself! That is everything!

    emoticon emoticon
    1798 days ago
    Wow, you jumped right on one of my hot spots!
    YOU GO GIRL!!!

    Self-righteous "spiritual" do-gooders seem to operate with a pack mentality. And you know just how to handle it. Sic 'em girl! Show 'em who is top dog in your pack!

    Let them say what they want . . . they don't deserve you.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1798 days ago
    Good for you. There will be more five start days for you.

    I hope her husband got through work okay. I hope you guys have a wonderfully, relaxing evening!

    1798 days ago
    YOU GO GIRL!!!!
    1798 days ago
    Leaches are not allowed in my life either! Great blog!

    Take care of you!

    1798 days ago
    Right on! I wonder how those supposed 'spiritual' peeps came together in the first place: I guess it's true ............ Birds of a feather flock together but you are flying ABOVE it .......... so Soar on ......... they don't deserve you ......... emoticon
    1798 days ago
    Wow, terrific!
    1798 days ago
    Good for you, Kitty !! I hate to say it, but your group can't be very spiritual if they are not supportive to their members ~ no matter what !!!

    Your husband needs you, your son needs you, and your girls need you. SO, you need to take care of yourself so you can be there for them, and them for you.

    All your SP friends love you, and are there to be as supportive as they can, but you also need the people around you to be there too.

    Have a good time relaxing with DH, and stay positive.

    Remember "I am woman, hear my roar "
    1798 days ago
    just be yourself and the right people will come to you. and being alone in a crowd sounds more painful than alone . glad to hear you kicked out the leaches. emoticon
    1798 days ago
    Good for you, hon. You need to take care of you and yours. I am behind you100%. I love you guys. Hugs from me n Chris
    1798 days ago
    Way to go Kitty. You do not need these people in your life.
    Hubby and you need to have peace and and positivity in your lives. I hope you husband feels better soon. Thinking of you both .. Hugs Susie emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1798 days ago
    You go girl!
    1798 days ago
  • 1EMMA2011
    Right on! Good for you KITTY!!

    You touched a nerve in me and I like that!

    There is NOTHING wrong with feeling angry and expressing anger in appropriate ways. Feeling our feelings is where it is at. (For some people this doesn't work and I respect that - for me IT IS THE ONLY way. BEHAVIORS around anger of course need to be APPROPRIATE and there is nothing wrong - and so much to be gained - from allowing ourselves to FEEL).

    Let go of the people with the RULES - those that don't let you feel. Especially those that don't want you to feel ANGER. Of course they don't. They want to Control. Just my humble opinion!!

    God is good and so are you!

    1798 days ago
  • DARLY55
    That's the attitude! You have to take care of yourself, before you can take care of others.
    You are a wonderful woman, no one should ever take advantage of your kindness.
    Being alone in a crowd means it's time to leave that crowd. Hang in there!
    Hubby is going to be okay. emoticon emoticon
    1798 days ago
    good luck with everything going on in your life.
    1798 days ago
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