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How do you achieve balance?

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

I work full time at Walgreens. This means that my work schedule is all over the place. Most often I work until 10:30 at night--sometimes later if we're busy. I get home and although physically tired, I'm wide awake. It takes a couple of hours for me to "wind down" and be able to go to sleep.

I'm beginning a career in marketing. A businessman has hired me to learn marketing, provided the tools for me to do so and is in the process of acquiring clients for me, while having me work on his project as well. This is a HUGE change and I LOVE it! But, it's time consuming.

I try to plan, purchase and prepare meals for the week. (At Walgreens I often work 7 days in a row.) This past month, I haven't been as successful as last month.

I bought a trampoline and really enjoyed it the first few weeks, but lately, I cannot seem to find even 10 minutes when I'm not busy or exhausted.

My bible study time has gone way down. I still have my morning devotions, but I'm embarrassed to say that I can't remember the last time I actually just sat down to read my bible.

Then of course there's house cleaning, laundry, and the new Earthbox I got to plant veggies on my porch....

I'm not trying to whine or complain; these are good problems to have! And I know there are many people who are single parents, working and going to school--I have no idea how they do it. I'm just saying that at this time in my life, balance has become an issue for me.

I have my next doctor's appt. on Thursday. I'm afraid that I won't have done very well. The first month I dropped 15lbs. I don't think I dropped more than 5 this month.
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    That is great! Despite everything going on in your life, you have dropped 5 pounds this month. That is 17,500 calories!!! All gone!!! Congratulations!
    1788 days ago
  • KAB7801
    It's very overwhelming for me at times, I just take it day by day
    Good luck
    1792 days ago
    Keep puting God first and he will help you find time for the rest. I know sometimes it feels like one more thing to do but if you really pour your heart out to God and read even a couple verses of scriptures a day you will get answers and feel more at peace with your new busy schedule. God is proud of you for trying even if you don't lose as much as you wanted.
    1792 days ago
    1792 days ago
    You will find a good balance. it is hard when starting a new job because you want to prove yourself. Be happy you are still losing. It will pick up again.
    1792 days ago
    Keep on trying! emoticon
    1792 days ago
  • -AIMIE-
    I agree about taking the time to prepare for the week ahead. I know it is difficult when you already feel like your time is so limited but it will help you succeed. My trick is using my crock pot to make a big pot of beans or soup over the weekend then I go ahead and divide it up into servings in tupperware to store in fridge. It makes it so convenient because I already know the calorie breakdown ahead of time and I just pop it in microwave for a couple of minutes on my lunch breaks. I also try to have easy things that I keep stored at home and at my office. Fruits like apples and pears, fiber bars, Wheat bread to make toast. Having those things at my office helps on days when I am rushed and don't have time to prepare breakfast before work.

    Is cutting your hours back at Walgreens an option? Like maybe just one of the days where you normally work a full day maybe cut it to a half day and design that extra time to be for getting things organized at home and doing your meal planning, etc.

    Best of luck with everything. Also, I agree that no matter what the number is that you've lost... you are doing good things and making better choices and that is really where the success comes in. Don't worry about a number and just strive for consistency!
    1794 days ago
    1794 days ago
    Even if you lose just 5 lbs for the month, you are going in the right direction! It sounds like you are making plans to change your life with the marketing, I wish you the best!
    1794 days ago
    1795 days ago
    1795 days ago
    I don't know if I've ever "preached" FlyLady to you in the past or not (, but if you think that getting more efficient with how you do your housekeeping/laundry/bills etc. would free up enough down time to give you some peace, then I would highly recommend trying it.

    I myself don't follow her system to the letter (she always admonishes her "flybabies" to tailor her ideas to their own lives and priorities) but the parts that I DO do have made a huge difference in my peace of mind.
    1795 days ago
    Give yourself a break... even if it is only 5 pounds, or 1 pound or you stayed even. You are still better off than you were 2 months ago.. Right? RIGHT!!

    Read your blog again... while pretending it was written by your very best friend in the whole wide world.. (Which by the way you should be your own very best friend)... what would you say to this friend? Would you not commend her on the successes she has had? or, Would you indeed berate her because she had not met or exceeded the goals she had set for herself.
    Give your self some love.. maybe even a couple of emoticon emoticon .

    AND, remember you have probably added some muscle to your frame while doing all the exercising... and MUSCLE weighs more than fat!!
    1795 days ago
    I feel ya, Ive been there. Balance is hard for sure. I have found that we FIND time for what we find important to us. ie: prepping food.
    I know it sucks, when you are exhausted from a hard days work, to workout, eat, prep.... I feel ya... but its possible.
    First of all you have to prioritize. Whats the most important 5 things you want to do.
    Secondly you do need to put yourself first and have that be OKAY for you to do.
    Food may not be the most epicly delish, but boiling a weeks worth of eggs, or baking a weeks worth of chicken breast can really make or break the diet. Since it takes you a while to unwind after work, throw some chicken in the oven when you get home and some eggs in a pot to boil, for that matter you can even bake the eggs in the oven too... these things can be baked while youre taking a shower ie: so not a lot of time spent / effort (-: Canned fish salmon, tuna and chicken etc are also good quick to go meals.
    Balance. You can find it. Just take one thing, one task at a time, dont overwhelm yourself with everything you have on your plate.
    I wont wish you luck b/c there is no such thing as luck in this dealio, but I will wish you tenacity. Dig deep girl - I promise its worth it.
    1795 days ago
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