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Bad decisions = bad day

Sunday, June 23, 2013

I can count yesterday as a write off. I didn't make that decision all at once when I got up. In fact, I had planned on doing well on Saturday.

Then I had my coffee. And another. And another. By the time I realized I forgot to eat, we were on our way out. We stopped for breakfast. That's never a really good idea. Yes, I can make better choices, but when I'm eating somewhere new, I struggle. I am so focused on making sure they understand my allergies that I try to keep it as simple as possible for them. I do not special order anything really. I try to make do with something they have on the menu - I just make sure they keep all gluten away from that plate. So it's fair to say I had more calories in my breakfast than I usually have in my supper meal.

Then off to get our shopping done. Finally to grocery shopping. We added the freggies to the cart as we always do, but I struggled to come up with things to make salads out of. I've been struggling with this again lately. A light bulb has gone off though. I always keep salad greens and spinach on hand. I don't count these as "salad fixings". Rather, I am looking for stuff that will make a tasty combination. I make those combinations over those greens I keep on hand. It's helping, a bit at least.

Chips and dip were on sale again. We've resisted these for a long time - I think it's been a year or more since I've bought ripple chips and dill pickle dip. So we caved yesterday. I even ate some in the afternoon.

I spent all day feeling overwhelmingly lethargic. I knew I had nightmares and they got me out of bed early - well before 6am. I was surprised to see when I uploaded my bodymedia that I got under 5 hours of sleep that night. I guess the bad night went on all night long. No wonder I couldn't seem to wake up.

Yesterday was not good for me overall. It's not that I decided it was a bad day when I got up. It just build throughout the day - one bad decision after the next.

So today I thought about it. If one bad decision after another can ruin a day, one good decision after another can have the opposite effect right? At least that's what I'm trying to do. I know I will not be instantly 100% on track, but I need to change my mindset. I am in full training for the half marathon this fall. I remember from last time - if I want my body to perform like an athlete, I need to treat it like the body of an athlete. Training, water, and nutrition. There is no room for slacking off.

So today is about making better choices. Doing what I can to hydrate and fuel my body so I'm ready to start my athletic training again in the morning. Can't expect a 30 year old van to respond like a brand new ferrari.
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