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Follow up-may answer questions

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hey y'all

Thanks for all the feedback and support. Greatly appreciated. Reading it through I think a lot of good questions have been raised, so...

I do the weight watchers program. Been on it since 12/29/11. Started at 289 lbs. I'm currently sitting at 41 points a day with 49 extra to get thru the week. Eat lots of fruit and veggies, drink lots of water (worked at a bottled water company for 12 years-if anyone knows about drinking water it's me). I eat the same thing every day just about.

Breakfast-milk, blueberry Greek yogurt, Special K pastry, banana
Lunch-southwest style egg beaters, red peppers, onions, turkey sausage, melon mix, milk, frozen Greek yogurt
Dinner-salad, lettuce, onion, tomato, mushroom, red pepper, almonds (1 point), baby corn (1point), fat free Italian (0 points), Texas Pete hot sauce,
Sugar free jello (0 points) melon mix, red peppers
Snacks-pistachios, almonds, turkey slim Jim & weight watchers pepper jack string cheese, banana, grapes, chocolate milk

That's mon-fri (and sat if I have to work

Weekends are the downfall. You know how it goes. Breakfast is the only meal I can control.

Typical day
Up by 6:45
7-8 run/walk
8-9. Wife goes to work, bailey gets up, breakfast
9-11 bailey time
11-12:30 chore time/ computer time
12:30-1:30 lunch, get ready for work
1:30-3 out the door, take bailey to grandparents, 50 min drive to work
3-2 work
2-3 drive home
3-4 decompress/ sp time
4-6:45 sleep

Full day. Every day. Suggestions on where to it more sleep in

Let me know what y'all think

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    If I can get to work early enough I try to shut down for 20 mins. Hard to do in summer time due to heat and I work at an auto plant and when assembly lets out (1000 people, it's not exactly quiet. Take what I can get though
    2162 days ago
    I know it's small but got start somewhere I used to take.a power nap of 15min away from my lunch and at work I used my breaks for exercise, a few extra weight lift or minutes more on the walk it all adds up so sometimes it looks like 5min of walking but I would do 5 and then later in the day add it to whatever I was all ready doing. The power naps start hard to do so I brought a eye mask and slept in y car with my cell phone to wake me. But it helped.
    2162 days ago
    NO way could I even function, let alone exercise on that little sleep. Sleep is so important for so many reasons and I really think that can impede your weight loss. Don't know how you're doing it!
    2163 days ago
    I see that I'm not the first to tell you, but I'll be an additional voice in the choir. You need more than 3 hours sleep to function properly. You may think you're doing just fine, but you could be doing FINER! Man, just think of how many more people you could help if you got regular, ongoing, sufficient sleep instead of your tired body and mind functioning all hopped up on caffeine. Dude. You're the only one who can change it - you gotta take care of you before you'll be able to take good care of anyone else.

    I know it seems impossible, given the way your schedule plays out, as listed above...but you made that schedule. You can change it.

    Easier for an outsider to say it than for you to do it, I KNOW! But - here are suggestions to think about (only because you asked). And before you haul off with excuses and reasons (maybe even legitimate ones) - just at least consider these, my friend. (1) change shifts at your job (2) get a different job (3) move somewhere closer to your job (2-3 hours driving every day - yikes!) or move closer to the Grandparents if that will help. (4) Make different arrangements for child care that will cut down on driving; can Grandparents come to your house a few days a week instead of you taking kid there? Or is there someone else who can sit kid? Do you have to get up when wife gets up, or could you sneak in another 1/2 - one hour there? Can you spend 1/2 of your lunch walking instead of getting up so early to do it all at the beginning of the day? What about getting assessed/treatment for a potential sleep disorder?

    Here is an excerpt from WebMD about the long term consequences of sleep deprivation:

    "In the long term, the clinical consequences of untreated sleep disorders are large indeed. They are associated with numerous, serious medical illnesses, including:

    High blood pressure
    Heart attack
    Heart failure
    Psychiatric problems, including depression and other mood disorders
    Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
    Mental impairment
    Injury from accidents
    Disruption of bed partner's sleep quality
    Poor quality of life

    As a side note - did you read my blog the other day about my family and I almost getting run over by a guy who likely fell asleep while driving, as we were walking out in the neighborhood? Scary! Granted, the guy was 84, but still...could happen to anyone.

    Food for thought - be well!

    2163 days ago
  • PEG2584
    That is one heck of a schedule. I don't know that I could keep it up but I do usually go on just 5 hours of sleep a night.

    However, you have to do it, congratulations on having what it takes to take care of the things that are important to you.
    2163 days ago
    Been running on less than 4 hours a day my whole life. It truly sucks. But on the rare occasion I get at least 6 I wake up achy and fuzzy and it takes all day to wear off
    2163 days ago
    3 hours of sleep? Wow. I couldnt do that.
    2163 days ago
    2163 days ago
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