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That "Tapping" thing

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Well, I decided to try the tapping thing and it has surprisingly helped me with the anxiety around food and weight loss and pretty much everything in my life.

Basically, every morning, I have been doing the tapping exercise, which is basically talking about my stress and setting intentions while touching certain acupressure points on my face and body. I'll put a link to a video that explains it better, below.

So, while I'm tapping I'm basically setting the intention to eat healthy all day to nourish my body and then I also end up tapping on more general stress that I'm having around my day - which is another use for tapping.
It seems like you can use it for anything! Stress, health issues, work issues, family issues and any other issue you're having in your life. One lady swears she has improved her eyesight by using it.
I know that your thoughts are what create your reality, so it makes sense that whatever you tell yourself will influence your day. I kind of like that every morning I can set myself up to think about being healthy and relaxed instead of afraid of the stressful situations coming up.

I've also noticed in my tracker here, that my nutrition report is looking better each day. I'm pretty much addicted to sugar and cheese and although I made a huge dent in the sugar addiction a couple weeks ago by just giving it up cold turkey and not having more - I found that I was still obsessing over sugary treats.
This week, I think it's due to the tapping, I don't crave the sugar so much and I'm able to eat small portions of cheese instead of wanting to shred the whole block over some chips or crackers.

I know it sounds "new agey" and there's a lot of skepticism out there, but I'd still encourage you to try it since it's not invasive and there aren't any strict rules around it. Basically, you are talking out whatever is on your mind and then telling yourself something positive you can choose to do about it, while tapping on these certain points to reinforce the intention. It can't hurt, right?

If you decide to try it, let me know how it goes!

I'm sure there are lots of tapping professionals out there, if you do a google search on "tapping" or "emotional freedom technique". I happened to come across Jessica Ortner and she's cool: youtu.be/6YMLbvd61Cg
So maybe she can get you started too, if you're curious. emoticon
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