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Saturday, June 22, 2013

I started doing a lot of blogs and thoroughly loved sharing my heart and my joy in art and pictures...then life got too busy still is TOO busy but must slow down and think and enjoy some creativity or I will be in mental and emotional trouble.
Nutritionally I have been Gluten free for celiac for 2.5 years, I have been working very hard at portion control and calorie restriction and am trying a month of no actual measure or tracking calories ...looking forward to returning to that discipline in July.
Have been exploring and becoming accustomed to "Eat to Defeat Cancer and Fat Cells" diet plan and now reading Eat to Live ...though not agreeing with everything in either of these programs, I feel I am learning much for better health. Also am finally kicking the sugar habit...not total victory there but learning and accepting.
Physically I have been faithful to wear pedometer and have seen a few 7000 step days, but average is still about 4500. Fibromyalgia continues to rear its ugly head in pain levels and exhaustion but am forcing myself to push through and work beside my DH in huge market garden and attend Farmer's Markets with him Tues, Thurs, Saturdays and recoup on Mon, Wed, Fri and Sundays, even Dh rests!! Physical therapy has helped shoulder and hip pain from arthritis and some displacement. Now to continue to strengthen them and address the knees. Weight - have lost 12 pounds since 2/23/13 and want it off faster, but accepting progress slow but sure. Still dreaming and working towards "one-derland" by Christmas morning. I'm also still in process with the BOUNDARIES book...practicing and will try to move on in the chapters soon.
Spiritually, am being blessed with faithfulness in the Word and prayer life with Jesus. I long to be an encouragement to others in this most important part of our lives and have a growing ministry in the area of grief caring and "coming along side". I will be commissioned to role of hospital chaplain for our church on the 30th of this month.
Creatively, I continue to seek and enjoy lovely, peaceful and wholesome art with an ever-growing file system of treasures per computer. I have no desire to own these works of art, just want to look at them and enjoy and imagine little stories that go with so many of them. I have a deep love for Yorkie dogs and pictures of Christmas all year long.
This one represents me in the garden ...I only wish I was that young and delightful looking. Artist is Vernon Thomas.
This is one I have been searching for artist and finally found the name and title of picture is "A Special Pleader" By Charles B.Barbor
is one I still am looking for artist's name. I love pictures of praying and praying hands and the Bible in various ways.
God bless each one who sees this and be blessed and healthy.
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  • SAL1512
    Thank you for taking on the role of Hospital Chaplain for your church. I appreciate your efforts as I know how important it is to those that need it. My Dear Husband has had 8 surgeries in 6 years and it would have been much better to have a designated person from our church to help. He is on the mend. For the first time, no surgeries are scheduled. We are taking advantage of the break or the end. Whatever the Lord has in store for us.
    Sally emoticon
    1701 days ago
    Linda...congrats on you chaplain position...will be praying for the Lord's provision for you as you take on this role of service. Seems to fit well with your heart to serve and gift of caring.
    Congrats on you continued weight loss one month and one pound at a time. Slow, sure and with a continued commitment to the long term health of our bodies is the way to go!!
    Hugs Barb
    1755 days ago
    You are so busy! I'm glad to see you are resting, too! I'd like to see you create your own art! Do you have any to share?
    1761 days ago
    Your title of your blog had me a little concerned about what was going on. I thought, No don't tell me you are leaving. As always enjoy your blogs.
    Hugs Donna
    1761 days ago
  • LINDAF49
    Smiling at your precious responses - no, I am not leaving SparkPeople...It is a wonderful uplifter of my health in many aspects. The hospital chaplaincy will be in our small rural one here locally but may be called to "come along side" in other areas as able and available. My past nursing career and the gift of faith and studies in grief ministries have prepared my heart for this needed work. Then recently when my own husband had surgery I was blessed to see and KNOW the blessing of having caring people come along side me to spend time and pray and make the time go faster.
    1762 days ago
  • SARAHTAIT are so awesome and I love you! So glad you are doing so well...I am so proud of you! Thanks for the it!
    1762 days ago
    Linda, I am so happy for you that you are going to be commissioned as hospital chaplain for our church. Does that mean you visit all the time or just when someone from your church is in the hospital. That will really be a wonderful service you will be giving. it always helps our 'pain' when we can forget ourselves to remember others.

    Sounds like you are finding some help for yourself. I am reminded of the scripture in Proverbs 4:7 " Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. With all your reading as well as praying, I am sure wisdom will come.

    As for the art you are collecting, I love all of them. I am particularly fond of praying hands too. Thank you for sharing.
    1762 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/23/2013 4:53:58 PM
    Linda, It's good to hear from you and to know that you are making progress in so many areas. You are in my prayers as you continue to study and learn, and as you strive to help in the gardens and markets during this busiest time of the year. Congrats on being called by your church to serve as its hospital chaplain. I know you will be a blessing to many in that roll. Thanks for updating us!
    1763 days ago
    Hospital Chaplain! This is wonderful Linda! I am in awe that you can find the time to do all these things while in pain from the fibro. Please know that you are in my prayers.
    1763 days ago
    Hospital chaplain - wonderful. You certainly have the caring heart and the ability to reach out and comfort that one who carries that responsibility should have. Glad you are taking some time for care of yourself. Love that you are seeking out works of art to enjoy and bring you pleasure.

    Sorry I don't drop by more.

    Breathing a prayer for you in your journey.
    1763 days ago
    That's great to be a hospital chaplain. They have such a vital role to play! Don't get me started, but I can't believe the current administration is working to eliminate chaplains from the military. Sometimes, I think people are doing everything they can to take God out of our lives.

    It is good to hear from you again, Linda. Keep in touch!
    1763 days ago
    Congrats, Linda on your commission! What a wonderful vocation!

    I must have missed something---are you 'leaving' us for whatever reason? If so; please rethink it!

    1763 days ago
  • DEE107
    Love your pictures and praying for you
    1763 days ago
    You are as beautiful as your blog. I will miss you. Hurry back, but you must do what your heart and stomach tell you to do.
    1763 days ago
  • SUNSHINE99999
    nice pictures. I'm looking forward to service tomorrow. Enjoy your day! emoticon
    1763 days ago
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