Who Says Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend---Australia in Mintabie

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mintabie is a small settlement of about 200 to 250 people. It is known for its Opal mining.
Our group of trekkers had an absolute ball there. Well sort of. Finding the opals was fun. but it was a hot dusty place sitting out in the desert

We were there for a whole week and our eyes were filled with the joy of finding opals. Who would find the first one? Was it worth the trouble----well, you bet it was. My throat still fills parched from being there but I got what I went for and met some awesome towns people.

There was Ann's friend Opal, what a coincidence that she was named opal, LOL She owned the mine that we went noodling at. She loaned us the picks and all the tools we needed. The first two days we went out we didn't find anything but on that third day we hit pay dirt!

We were so excited. Joanie couldn't stop squealing and Moon was so happy she couldn't sit still. Ann just look at us and shook her head. She warned us that just like there is fools gold, there is also something like that in opals.

We took our precious finds to Opal and had her check them out. We did find some that would be valuable, if not to others at least to us. She polished them for us and put them in settings for a fare wage.

I ended up with a very nice pendent with earrings and a ring to match

After all the work was done we enjoyed a splash in the lake, The sunsets there were awesome and the last night we were there a storm was brewing.

Only in the land od OZ could we do all of this and find so much inner peace. I hope that you will all join us on our next virtual trip. Who know where Ann will take us, It is hard to imagine that we have traveled so far and done so much!
And we still have so much more to see
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