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SPLAT that's me hitting the floor with a bad day :-(

Saturday, June 22, 2013

It actually started off as a really good day. Boot camp has officially ended for two weeks on Friday and I had managed every day Mon-Fri for ONE WHOLE MONTH. My sister was SO PROUD of me, she and her daughter in law decided to take me to a wonderful restaurant called Pinnacle Point.
Its a fabulous, somewhat exclusive restaurant, but since my nephew was doing some work there, we got a pass into it. It sits poised on the edge of a cliff, all glass windows overlooking the sea....quite breath taking.

It is a golf mecca so its surrounded by rolling golf course greens.

Outside its very impressive with its flying flags for all countries and a very interesting water feature.

Inside the restaurant, its all subdued colors and deep sea blues, soft music playing from hidden speakers etc. all designed for the ultimate relaxation experience and IT WAS ALL THAT.

Despite the inside designed for relaxation, we are outdoor people, and the weather was perfectly warm so we sat on this deck outside for our breakfast.

The staff are so well trained. They seated us immediately on arrival and promptly brought us menus. They talked in soft voices and anything we wanted....was ours at the flick of their wrists. This is the land of the RICH AND FAMOUS. We dressed up and swanned around as if we were just that, while it couldn't be further from the truth LOL, however the staff treated us like royalty, it WAS GREAT if fleeting.

With all the choices on the menu, we still had to consider our pockets, so I had a standard egg and bacon breakfast with a cup of delicious coffee, and was still feeling pretty smug and in control at this point.

Considering that the work my nephew did took a good few hours, we ended up indulging in a second cup of coffee AND my sister and I shared an individual pecan nut pie. Quite the most incredible tasting pecan nut pie ever. Instead of being a fairly dry tart, underneath the nuts, hidden away, when we cut the pie it had a runny sauce which tasted like slightly burned caramel.....slurp. It was an unreal flavor and utterly amazing.

Again, I was still feeling in charge because of SHARING an individual tart, especially as my sisters daughter in law ate a pie TO HERSELF lol but then again, she is incredibly tiny.
I ordered an individual cheese cake to take home for dh since he couldn't join us for our outing. I was feeling great.

Now it is true what "they" say that you cannot stop at just one bite and THIS is where my wheels came off. It was Friday and generally I buy a family chicken and veggie pie sold by our local supermarket. Its awesome and actually pretty healthy. They use no junk, its pure chicken and mixed frozen veggies and only has pastry on the top. I have a Friday night off and my family love this pie and its a really good price too. I don't know how they make it for such a ridiculous price of R34 for such a large family size pie. My hubby and son usually eat Friday night and Saturday lunch on this pie.
But as I said, the wheels came off. I ended up eating not only a BIG slice of the relatively healthy pie BUT I also ate the cheese cake I bought for dh. emoticon
On top of that, I ended up eating white bread toast with jam on for dinner. Oh my word it felt like a feeding frenzy and on stuff I generally don't eat.

Well, I can't fix yesterday, that's gone, but at least I woke up with renewed resolve to eat properly again today. Actually I feel quite proud of how long I went before anything went wrong. emoticon

Today, I woke up and my mom decided to treat me to a breakfast outing since hubby had to go off to work on a day we usually spend together. We went to the mall and I ordered a healthy portion of rye toast with avo on and had 2 cups of coffee.

At lunch, I chose a meal replacement shake and for my morning snack I ate a half a tub of low fat cottage cheese and a ruby grapefruit. The grapefruit was so delicious.

My afternoon snack was 1/2C fresh raspberries with 1/2C fat free vanilla yogurt.

For dinner I had a piece of lean steak with 2 new warm salads which I found online and tried.

The salads were fantastic. Here are the recipes should anyone want to try them.
Sweet potato salad. (serves 2)
I wrapped 1 med sweet potato in kitchen towel and microwaved for 4 minutes, then cooled and cut into cubes. I left the skin on.
I cubed an apple and sliced some fresh celery very thin.
Mixed this altogether and drizzled the dressing over which was made from 1Tbs olive oil, 1Tbs orange juice, 2tsp cider vinegar.
Tasted amazing.

Warm spinach salad (serves 4)
1 shallot...1tsp balsamic vinegar...300g spinach...2Tbsp olive oil...1/4C walnuts...200g white
button mushrooms and black pepper to taste.
Heat oil in pan, add shallots and nuts and cook for 3 minutes, add mushrooms and brown. Remove and add to the shredded spinach in a bowl and add the remaining table spoon of olive oil. Sprinkle with salt and black pepper.

They were both wonderful and definitely a keeper for me.

So at least I did some damage control today and feel more like I'm in the driving seat again.
I am going to have to find something to do for the two weeks boot camps off or I shall lose the fitness I gained. It comes at such a - hard work - price and leaves so jolly easily.
Maybe I can find some walks to do for the next two weeks.

Its Saturday and I hope you have done better than I have with your Friday. Be good for the rest of the weekend....I shall do my best to, as well.
Now I need to go and track what I ate today.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You made my mouth water just reading those recipes, let alone seeing the pics! I love sweet potatoes and spinach too! That is a gorgeous place you got to eat at! Sounds like you are doing great! We all have those bad days! Or months, as was my case last month! But, we don't fail unless we give up...so keep going!!! emoticon
    So you live in Africa...what a cool experience that must be!!! Thank you for visiting my last two blogs and really appreciate your nice comments! emoticon
    1819 days ago
    CELEST I am so impressed with your bouncing abilities. Yes it was a bad day, and not good for your insulin levels, but it was only one day. And you are back on the horse. 'Skop hom in die lieste!'
    Well done Friend. This time it is going to stick and we are going on a cruise. You for real and we through your blogs and pics.
    Bless you!
    1819 days ago
    1821 days ago
    You know somethin'....you are a great example!
    Did ya' know that girlfriend!!!
    Thanks for this amazing blog....

    My wheels fell off when I went on my cruise 6 weeks ago...and you have inspired
    me to get back on track.

    1821 days ago
    the pictures are yummy looking
    1822 days ago
    On the up side, you were told to eat more calories. emoticon
    1822 days ago
    wow um think that is a country club that is on the pro golf circuit it looks familiar ..

    Do you think once the body gets a taste of the really sweet goodness it wants more so the brain says eat it eat it eat it..lol it does this to me..

    I had one slice of cherry cheese cake ---so what do I do--- go for a piece of blueberry cheese cake and a piece of black forest cake --gish !!!

    --but you are right we can not change yesterday -- time for a great walk and more water ..

    you are doing great ! emoticon
    1822 days ago
  • GINA180847
    You do lead an interesting life. I would have done about the same as you. I have a hard time stopping once I head down that road. No boot camp for two weeks........you'd better get out your walking shoes and do a couple of videos off of spark. The last several days it has been great walking weather here so several friends and I have walked our butts off. I am finally below 145 which I have not seen for about 20 years. Amazing! My blue jeans are falling off me.
    1822 days ago
    Beautiful place! The views are awesome. You did much better today which helped immensely. You'll find lots of places for walks.
    1822 days ago
    That restaurant looked AMAZING!!! Those photos were so incredible!

    I have a graduation party to go to later today, so I hope I can muster the courage up to eat well.

    I hope you are able to maintain your loss with no boot camp for 2 weeks. I am sure you will find something to do. Your life is NEVER boring! (that is a good thing, not a bad thing) emoticon
    1822 days ago
    Recipes sound delicious. Your treats out were AMAZING..but it is a good thing it is only once in a while. No boot camp for 2 wks? Is this the one where you are working towards that cruise? THAT should be pretty good incentive to keep things going. Wish I could come walk with you. All I am doing around here these days..other than service...is emoticon
    1822 days ago
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