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Buying broccoli

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Quotation from my Recovery Meditations

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"Trust God and buy broccoli."

Author Unknown

:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~

I heard that quotation in an OA meeting years ago. "What an odd
thing," I thought. "Why does God care what I buy?" But as years have
gone by and my abstinence continues one day at a time, I see the
meaning of that phrase and have deep respect for its principle.

I can trust God 'til the cows come home, but there is work to be
done. A more familiar quote is: "Trust God but continue to row toward

Abstinence for me is not only refraining from compulsive overeating,
but abstaining from what I call my "alcoholic foods." They block that
beautiful contact between me and the Sunlight of the Spirit. It is my
responsibility to purchase, prepare, weigh and measure the best foods
for my peace of mind ~ and to open the channel to a Power Greater than
Myself. Now I live this way, with thanks to the twelve steps.


Framed quotation AND reflection above is not me, but I totally agree. Becoming sober was a decision not to drink alcohol but THEN it was forming a life where alcohol had very little place - meeting people in a different manner, arranging dinners in a different manner planning activities that did not include alcohol fro anyone, seeking for support among people who had the same view as me.

The first year or so I was very rigid with where or what I was doing. And then, as things got safer and more natural I dared to be in environments where alcohol was present and that is where I am today.

But compared to all the struggle I had controlling my drinking to be less at a time and less times, it was really easy to stop.

Yesterday I celebrated midsummer - I was informed that it was a potluck but not all together but everybody should bring their own - so I did. Brought some "pulled chicken" bred and salad. The others had the famous herring, potato and sour cream - felt a bit awkward to eat different but I did not mind that much - helped me not to keep on restlessly eating from the tables as the friends did - once full they kept on having a slice of bread, some cheese a nibble of salad etc. and I refused the dessert that was rhubarb pie with vanilla sauce or strawberries with whipped cream. I just did not want any.

It was totally boring. The friends got louder and louder and my head started to feel dizzy. I just wanted to escape... and I sat their for hours and hours until I mastered the guts to tell them that I needed to go home and not stay overnight.

And then I drove back at midnight - almost fell asleep at the wheel, had to stay three times for a nap and did not arrive home until half past four.

I feel bad about the friends probably finding me a bore, wish I had stayed home or more precisely, wish I had said from the start that I would drive home, that would surely had made me a happier guest...

Me and my OA-friend often tell each other that it is all about the food - if we stayed on plan everything is nice, if we did not, everything is a failure.

I think that goes for weight as well - stepped on the scale yesterday and was back on it! My recent gain has made it reach the limit but now I am back on the measurable scale again - probably because of the diuretic. Made me feel great.

But the weird thing was that I was not hungry or had any craving yesterday. I had some bread left and thought I would indulge in salmon sandwiches this morning but no...ate a reasonable serving and then quit. And that is it - it is not hard to eat healthily if you don´t want to eat...

Now the wish to eat is back because I feel lousy but I am neither craving nor hungry. I am almost angry at all the selfbashing I spend because I can´t refrain frome eating - now I can but that is not because I am "better", stronger or working harder - I just don´t need to.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Late coming to this, MP, but it speaks volumes to me. In fact - if you won't mind I'd like to copy the part about your giving up alcohol and send it to my elder son who was in de-tox last month and currently undergoing re-hab for the second time. I think it would be helpful to him to see how you structured your life when you stopped drinking but will await your permission.

    As for food consumption - I hate the fact that social eating makes everything so difficult. I wish I had a solution - sharing food is very important to me and it's a big problem. BUT - I don't think you should feel bad about your friends - we're all grown up now and have to follow our own path and others need to allow us that leeway.

    2364 days ago
    This is a great blog. So proud of you. Thank you for sharing. emoticon
    2364 days ago
    LOL about the broccoli, good one, I'll save it.
    2364 days ago
    Being around others in eating situations is so hard. Working on it always.
    2365 days ago
    What profound changes in your behavior! They have arisen from a genuine, deep place in your heart and have a great deal of promise for being lasting transformations in your life, from every appearance you've described. This time of year must be challenging in your part of the world with such special seasonal treats - treats that pack either alcohol or too many calories and tempting goodies with sour cream, etc. (sigh!), but you've got a strong, determined attitude...and I predict it will ultimately result in the permanent cementing of healthy new behaviors for you! So emoticon
    2365 days ago
    Reading this blog; I recognized that struggle. It's what I face when I go up North and visit with my siblings and old friends; still in the pattern of eating and drinking of my old life. My life today isn't like that and the people I spend time with either think like I do or accept the way I think. None are really drinkers or smokers so that's not even an issue. They accept that I order and eat differently so it's fine. If not, we drift apart or find other ways to enjoy time together. Now, when I go North, I book a place to stay and take my own food. I can usually manage the "get togethers" if I have somewhere to retreat to at the end of the day. Then, returning home I try to get my mind off of it and into the things I enjoy doing more than eating! Because of the heat and bugs outside now; I will be spending more time indoors and the hottest part of the day I will be back in my office working on an album for my youngest granddaughter. Still fitting in exercise throughout the day and walks with Sugar. I stay out of the kitchen and busy! Good for you for leaving an uncomfortable situation!
    2365 days ago
    Great post! emoticon
    2365 days ago
    Enjoy the broccoli. emoticon
    2365 days ago
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