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My life story :) ~This is a long one everybody~

Friday, June 21, 2013

So I realized that I never really posted why I am on spark people to start with.

Well as some of you know I am a young mother of three, only 24 years old. I have two boys and a girl, not in that order. I had my first son when I was eight-teen and a senior in high school. I graduated at the top of my class and I also finished early too. Everyone told me to abort my son, and that I would never graduate or make myself anything good in life. Even the school dean told me that I wouldnt graduate and would try to break me down. Well I proved them wrong and I love to prove people wrong, especially when they tell me that I cant do something or use the word never. I can and will do what makes me happy darn it, just watch me. :)

I had my second child, a girl, just after my 21st birthday. She is a December baby so it was kind of a Christmas present to have had her before Christmas Day. She is amazing just like her brothers. Her father and I had dated off and on throughout my junior year in high school and we ended up losing touch because I had to change schools. Other students were aggressive toward me and made it harder for me to make my grades. So I changed schools. I found him in August 2008 and he had been in the Navy, and was at the time living in Connecticut (which i have never been to CT ever). He dropped everything for me and my son, moved out to California and we picked up as if we never missed a day. Sadly the day our little girl was born, I had tried to call anywhere I knew he would of been to get him to the hospital, she was my second emergency c section. No one passed the message or told him I called, and he missed our entire stay at the hospital and her birth. The first time he saw our little girl was when I went against doc orders to stay in bed and recover, which meant no driving. I drove to his work and the look on his face was, well no words can describe the look in his eyes. He saw her and he just glowed. Thinking about that moment still gets me today. :)

We moved to Idaho in 2011 and have been here since. We are away from both his family and mine. But that is a whole different can of worms right there. We had our youngest, another boy, in August 2012. Because I had to have emergency c sections with my first two, they refused to allow me to try natural birth. As a mother, I feel like I havent had the full experience. Well I should say that is how I felt but now it doesnt bother me like it used to. My children are amazing and I would never change a thing about them. :)

I started spark people in 2008. I wanted to lose some weight that I was having a tough time working off and I did not have a support system at the time. I started with a simple 80 pounds goal. I would have been happy with a minimum of 50 but 80 would have brought me back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I finally reached my goal in early 2009, only to learn that my instincts were correct on how I lost the weight that remained after having lost some, but the remaining just flew off. I was pregnant. So after my second child was born I jumped back into my goal to get back to my pre-prenancies weight. My goal was bumped up to lose 115 pounds. I knew it was a big number and that it would take time and patience to get there but I could do it. I did not reach that goal before November of 2011, I was pregnant with my third child. I put my goal on hold again. Now that my youngest is not reliant on me to supply nutrients from milk production, I am back in the up hill battle to lose the weight. I had never before been 300+ pounds and I was terrified. My mothers mother had died in front of her at the young age of 28, she was not obese but was not healthy fit either and had heart failure. My mother, I dont really remember her ever being a fit woman all the years I was growing up. Then when I was 16 she had a gastric bypass, something I hope to never result to. She had reached over 500 pounds. So genetically speaking I am not designed to be a small person. Heck I am not even average height for someone my age. Anyways, after my third child now, my goal had reached 195 pounds to lose. That number was scary for me to look at to be in a healthy area. But, I have lost some of the 195 already. I have lost so far on my new goal, a total of, 65 pounds. Leaving me with only 80 pounds to go. I am very pleased with my progress. But I have hit a plateau and it is tough for me to keep motivated to get past it. Having spoken to doctors, they tell me that I will need to have some cosmetic procedures to correct things that i will not be able to fix with diet and fitness regimen. The things I will need surgery to correct are things that are genetic. Some of you might of be wondering about my mother and what she has lost to date. She had her surgery 02-16-2005, and weighed more than 500 pounds as I mentioned before. Now today, 06/21/2013, she weighs 115pounds. Her doctors continue to recommend that she have the excess pockets/pouches removed for health reasons. If she has the pouches and excess removed she will weigh less than 100 pounds. She is a not very tall woman so this matches where she should be with her height and age to weight ratio. I will never be that small as I am a very tall woman. My goal weight is as close to 150 pounds as I can get.

With everyone on spark I know I can do it. Not to mention my dream job looks like it will be falling into place in the next 6-12 months. So I have to get to my goal, and I will. I know I can do it. If I dont make it into my dream career, I am a college student working towards my Veterinary Technician AS Degree, my fall back. I knew what I wanted to do since I was four years old and it has never changed, not even today. SO look out here I come!! :D

~BndgDrgn emoticon
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    Thank you FEMISLIM. :)

    ~BndgDrgn emoticon
    1768 days ago
    Wow!!! You are so blessed!! You are a determined person and can achieve whatever you set your mind on. You have shown it in the story of your life. You can also achieve your healthy living goals. In fact, I can picture you at your target weight. Just remain strong and focused. It is well with you!!!
    1768 days ago
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