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Friday, June 21, 2013

I got what you deserved - possibly with a little luck
My week has been so-so diet wise.

Pot luck dinner was divine.
I ended up making a crepe layer cake with Hazelnut praline and coffee creme. Not the lo-cal version ( not that I think one exists), 3 and a half hours in the kitchen. Not a good calorie day.

Some celebration over the resignation of "the goddess of wisdom" a completely incompetent staff member who should never have been employed for the role as she was punching way beyond her weight. - I actually blame the company for putting me through the last 18 months of hell. I am a software tester/ business analyst/ team leader - I have had to babysit, monitor and retest this woman's work for the last 18 months and found nothing which was complete correctly. It was like ground hog day and she would keep hitting the reset button. One of those people you explain something to and you can see their eyes glaze and they have no idea - ask if the understand "Yip" - ask them to explain it back - dribble. I could cite example after example - I need therapy!!!

I have been trying to get the company to do something since the beginning. I could see from the onset that she wasn't right but everyone thought I had a personal issue with her. My personal issue was she couldn't do the job and was meaning more work for me and the team . Move On.

Anyway hence the celebration and dancing around singing " Ding Dong the witch is dead" and a few glasses of wine there and some seriously decadent salmon pizza.

A bit of extra snacking . Some muesli bars, some uncounted calories some more snacking some more uncounted calories.
My saving grace 4 hard exercise sessions and the odd skipped meal.

I need to get more regimented - I can see rot starting to creep in - Not sparking so much. This week - dedicated sparking - dedicated tracking. These things work.

Going solo does not!!
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