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Assignment: Eat Intuitively: How's it Goin'?

Friday, June 21, 2013

I was challenged to eat intuitively today in Spark People, and come here to share how it went. It just so happens that I have been doing that as much as I am willing to do since June 1.


Well, you know I'm trying to get better at following Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live plan. To do that, I have been planning my meals for the week ahead using SP tracker and the outline of his plan, sticking in raw and fruits and vegetables, legumes, seeds and nuts daily with whole grains and animal products here and there. Then I'd make my grocery list, prep fruit and veg, make a few big batches of things and follow my plan. Once in a while, I changed the pre-plan, like when something looked like it was ready to spoil and I needed to use it or lose it.

I felt that pre-planning helped me to stick with the program, staying away from the unhealthy foods I have eliminated from my life. So when I decided to see if I could stop the pre-planning, I felt I was ready for it. But I gave myself the rule that I had to stick to the food plan. If I started to think I needed a slab of cake or a pecan mudslide, it wasn't going to happen.

Lately, I've joined his website, and started up with the Naked Food Magazine website. So I have a huge number of recipes that fit my nutrition plan available and new ways of cooking I've never thought of. And I want to try them. And some I like, and some I actually throw away, like the eggplant roll ups.

So I decided to stay on the program but stop the pre-planning. Every week, I know I need to buy a refrigerator full of greens and other veg and fruit. If my sprouted grain English muffins or seed and nut supply gets low, I know I need to buy some more. So for the items besides the fruits and veg, I work from the list I generate as I run out of something.

And since June 1, I have eaten only when hungry, and only until I am not hungry. I choose food from my plan, based on what I want at the time when I am hungry. If I'm not sure, I look around the kitchen at the fresh fruit bowl, or the tomatoes and lemons sitting on the counter. I look in the refrigerator at the leftovers and fresh produce; and the things I've frozen like baked grains or crustless quiche. And something always comes to me.

Today at breakfast, I wanted an apple/lime/spinach/raspberry smoothie extracted in water.

For lunch, I wanted a salad of spinach and other greens from my garden like watercress and frisee lettuce. I added a chopped tomato, leftover cabbage stew (cabbage, carrots, onion, celery), leftover white beans no sodium, leftover roasted beets-chopped, and strawberries. I developed a dressing in my nutribullet with flavored vinegars, roasted garlic, and sunflower seeds. The salad was huge, filled a large wooden salad bowl that I might have used to serve side salad to company.

I have no clue for supper yet. Previous days, I have looked back at recipes I saved that sounded interesting. Today, I think some kind of Italian sauce over bean pasta. I found the bean pasta at my local health food store. The Black bean pasta has 25 g. of protein and 12 g. of fiber. I guess I'm looking forward to trying it!! AND having a glass of watermelon juice. I have watermelon left from a fruit salad yesterday, and I seem to want to whirl it into juice in the nutribullet. I never would have planned any of this delicious healthy meal a week ago.

I have not binged on any of those bad habit foods I've eliminated. If I had tried this a year ago, pre-Spark People, I would have had a panful of bacon for breakfast, lemon pound cake for lunch and donuts for Dinner, with no thought to size of portions.

I find I am excited about food again, and am being more creative to make tasty dishes, like I did with today's dressing.

The months of planning to help me stick to the plan have served me well to have the basics become second nature with no thought to pre-planning.

And I don't always eat three meals. I'm not always hungry at lunch time. That usually happens if I've prepared a larger breakfast. So I don't eat lunch if I still feel full.

And I used to have set times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And I used to eat dinner before my evening pool workout. I'd be VERY hungry after the workout. So I no longer think I have to follow a scheduled dinner time, and allow myself to wait to eat until I am hungry, usually AFTER I get home from the pool, before my late evening walk.

And you know, I've lost 3 more pounds since June 1. Amazing!! I'm actually thinking I'll be able to happily sustain this healthy program once I arrive on Maintenance Mesa.
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    Very goo BRAVELUTE! It's good to know that pre-planning is a good step previous to make eating well a second nature before the big step of letting the body tells you what nutrients it needs. emoticon
    1794 days ago
    Being able to plan meals based on what needs to be eaten before it spoils, is great place to be. I like to have lots of fruits and veggies around but when I was trying to follow the Spark Solutions meal plan, getting to the food I had to buy for the plan, before it spoiled, just wasn't working.
    1795 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1796 days ago
    I love your blogs!
    1796 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1796 days ago
    I am with you on this idea ! I think this is the key to naturally maintain a healthy lifestyle. Know when your hungry and when your not AND eat only when you are hungry no matter what time of day it is.

    I usually eat breakfast, but it is usually 2-3 hours after I get up so it turns out to be late morning and thus I am usually not hungry for lunch but like a late afternoon snack to hold me over to dinner. With SP standards I should have eaten breakfast, had a mid-morning snack, and be ready for lunch by the time I'm just getting around to my breakfast. No way can I do this. It is way to much eating for me.

    Glad things are going so well for you emoticon
    1797 days ago
    Wonderful! emoticon
    1797 days ago
    I only pre-plan my list and make sure only the food we eat is purchased. Then I make them up in different combinations using some recipes but mostly dump recipes. That is when you decide what you want and dump it in.
    I did read and follow some of Dr. Furman's wisdom but I really do like doing it MY way for DH and I.
    We really love vegetables, I like very few of them raw. Celery, Carrots and pod peas. I love salad greens too, most all of them. We do lots of vegetable mixtures always add in cups or half cups so you can track easier. Well done, Pat in Maine. emoticon emoticon
    1797 days ago
    pre-planning is helpful.
    Congrats on the weight!
    1797 days ago
    1797 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    emoticon job
    1797 days ago
  • MUDDER91
    Sounds great!!! Maybe I should try that and let my son fix dinner for he and his father this summer...
    1797 days ago
    preplanning is the way to go
    1797 days ago
  • LINDAF49
    First time I have read or heard of someone knowing what fressie lettuce is!! We grew some for Farmer's market and everyone thinks it is pretty but no one buys it - sticking with the well known romaine or butterleaf and some simpson.

    My eating and gardening are co-inciding and fun to talk with people about their healthy eating at the markets. I am blessed!!
    1797 days ago
  • FINAL4
    First let me say that you are such a help to me with your blogging and comments.

    I, too, have a list of items that I check each weekend when I shop. Fruit, salad ingredients, whole wheat bread, English muffins, eggs, deli meat, peanut butter, frozen vegetables, rice, crackers, lowfat cheese or cheese spread or cheese sticks, greek yogurt and more. If I have most of these I will succeed. Breakfast and Lunch are planned around whatever I get together.

    Dinner is more complicated. My husband and adult daughter each have different ideas about what's good to eat. We all work different days and hours. I find I am happier when I can eat part of what we prepared (like tonight - my husband in grilling hamburgers) and add sine healthy foods to it as opposed to having totally different meals. If I take the time and plan out the week I could control more of what goes on, but for now that seems too hard to do. I don't know why.

    Thanks for posting - emoticon
    1797 days ago
    emoticon I started out pre planning all my meals, but now I just keep my staple healthy foods in the house and eat what feels right.
    1797 days ago
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