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I almost forgot today was my weigh in day

Friday, June 21, 2013

This week has been a bit of a challenge for me.

I have been having to push myself more than usual to work out as much as I want to, and I also had some difficulty with limiting my calories. I mean, I was still not going over, but was eating more than I was before...mostly because my sleep schedule has changed and I'm staying up later and get hungry the longer I'm up.

I had managed to get my calories on the lower end for awhile and now they're on the mid to higher side of the scale...I have perfectly good other reasons as to why this may be happening though.

I'm working out more tediously and for longer durations, so I may need more fuel.

I am also eating less fat than I was before even with the lower calorie count, so maybe my body is getting used to being satisfied with less fat in my diet.

I think really some of this will change when I go back to taking my vega one shakes with breakfast. They have a lot of fat, and I've realized it's been much easier to keep my fat lower without them. However, they help me make my other necessary nutrient requirements be met more easily. The only reason I am skipping them is because I need to do a medical test that the iron in the shake and some of the other ingredients may skew the results. I need to do that test asap but I am dreading it because it's icky. It's to rule out internal bleeding because of my anemia...It's also a hassle because I don't drive and need to get it to a lab fairly quickly...

Anyways...that was sort of a rant.

Here's a picture of myself yesterday wearing a really cute and healthy lifestyle appropriate shirt:

emoticon emoticon emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
I almost forgot today was Friday and had been dreading getting on the scale for the above rant reasons. But I did it. And when I saw my weight, I couldn't even believe it! 205.6 lbs, the lowest number I have ever seen in such a long time! When I said it I actually was like "WHOA!" outloud! That means I lost 3 lbs! Take that insecurity! Take that apathy! I guess my hard work despite difficulty really paid off. Also that shirt I wore yesterday fit me way better than it did when I got it! (Although still not great)...

YAY! emoticon
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