RE: A Blast From, The Past. (STPWO)

Friday, June 21, 2013

RE: A blast from, the past last, nite i went, to tea @, Chickky that is, the nickname which, i have given, to my beautiful, Sister (Helen) &, her Fiance (Johnny).

She found &, showed me sum, Photographs !!!! !!!!, of what we, all (the, whole Family), looked like from, years ago (, Hairstyles Holiday Pictures, etc etc etc, !!!! !!!! !!!!, !!!!) most, of which.

I thought &, hoped had been, lost buried destroyed, etc etc etc, !!!! !!!! !!!!, she has promised, me that they, will eventually be, put upon my, / this SparkPage.

If & when, this has been, done you will, then be able, to see what, our whole Family, looked like then, & now i, will try &, get Helen to, post a picture, of what our, (Dad) looked like, before he became, ill etc etc etc.

1 of the, Pictures that you, will particularly see, is of me, wearing a green, / White striped, Dress i was, very very Skinny, when i was, Younger !!!! !!!!, unlike now !!!!.

How times have, changed i shall, also try to, see if i, can get Helen, to put our, Baby Photographs up, to of what, we both looked, as Toddlers etc, etc, etc !!!!, !!!! !!! !!!!.

Please try not, to laugh @, our different HairStyles, etc etc etc, they were embarassing, enough as it, was etc etc, etc !!!! !!!!, i was never, ever happy with, my HairStyles until, now.

I have had, it cut short, grown it long, etc etc etc, but now it, is being grown, long again for, the 'Wedding' of, Helen Suzanne Large, & Johnny Tudor, which will happen, soon i cant wait. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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