Thursday 6-20-2013

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Well. Boredom prevails.
Today was a "furosemide day," alas. Pinched my plans waaaaay too much.

We had dental appointments this morning. Too early for my taste, but he had to go to work after, and he's a morning thing anyway. If I want help or company, I'm on his schedule. Worked out okay. I've got a temporary crown for a couple weeks. Why they can't just DO IT, I have no idea. When this one is finished, we start on the one on the other side. Great.

Since I was already up, dressed, and out, I dropped him off for work and went out looking at house listings. We've got to get off this rental thing. It's killing us, and money just thrown in the pit. If I'm going to spend it, I want something to show for it. Besides. I want a little garden and some chickens. I'm sure the rental community would frown upon both of those things! So I spent the rest of the day crisscrossing the city checking listings. How frustrating.

I've got them all arranged on Excelâ„¢ by zip code. You'd think that would collect them into small bites. Ha. I suppose I should have created another column with street names or numbers, rather than the entire address. I may yet have to do that, since I'm still working from that database. As it was, I spent 6 hours back and forth (and a tank of gas, plus frustration) chasing down these listings. This is all just to "narrow" it down to things I can coerce Himself to drive by with me and pronounce judgement on the ones which have passed *my* muster. Of course, for every one I see, I find a couple more in the neighborhood to add to my list. We've had a fair list of "musts" and "nots." I suppose that's just as well...it's a monumental task even with the filters we've already set. Now, since a coworker just picked up a nice foreclosure, he just wants me to look for foreclosures. This is the man who, until this point, didn't want to consider foreclosures because the foreclosees (?) "have probably destroyed the place out of spite." So, now I'm the one to do the regrouping. Why does this not surprise me. Personally, the way we live our lives, we really need a custom site-built. But I haven't even begun to price such a thing out...no doubt lots more than we intend to spend, in any case. For which we don't have an adequate down payment, anyway. Well. Lenders are moderately desperate in these times. I've seen several foreclosure listings with ridiculously low down payments. I expect there's some criteria other than we just haven't bothered to put it aside. But our lease is renewing next month, so we've technically got a year to scrape that together. Foreclosures aren't going to last that long, but it will give him some time to see how the market is. He's surely not going to take my word for it (or, at least, never has so far).

And my frustration level was at such a boil that I completely fell off the wagon and ate fast food. ACK! So I deserve my sudden weight jump, as I'm sure I'll see tomorrow. I'm just disgusted. I knew better when I drove in the place. I don't even like the taste anymore, honestly. I was queasy all evening over it. Serve me right if it'd make me sick all night.

Oh well. Live and learn (although I've had little luck with that recently).
And I've avoided yet another day of progressing with my CE.
Sounds like I need to take another long look at that Fat Fast .pdf, give myself a little intermittent fast, and go to work on that class.

We'll see how that actually works out.
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    Hm...I am a similar situation, but because we need one level. So far I have been pretty lazy about it though, LOL.
    2648 days ago
    Property shopping either totally sucks or is a lot of fun --- depending on the day and your mood! I can't imagine being in a good mood after a dentist visit, so my sympathies on a rough day!

    I'm never as organized as you (excel spreadsheets and all - wow!), but always start just by driving through neighbourhoods by myself. I've found that I get a feel for an area within a street or two, and know whether that neighbourhood is "home" or not. There's nothing logical about this approach, and I don't have a conscious list of things that go in to it (beyond the obvious), but I've learned to absolutely trust the gut reaction.

    Once I've got it narrowed down to "home" neighbourhoods, it is much easier to keep track of the listings in just those. It's wonderful that you've got so much time to figure this out --- my current place took me 6 months to find, and I looked at 126 houses during that time (my realtor's wife thought we were having an affair).

    Try to remember to have some fun with this, and trust your gut feelings on whether somewhere is "home" or not. It's really easy to come up with the list of logical reasons to explain your choice to Himself once your gut tells you that THIS is HOME!

    Good luck, and hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    2648 days ago
  • KERRYG155
    Sounds like a rough day. Hopefully it gets better. I've seen some folks pick up great foreclosures for really good prices but you would have to jump on them because prices are going up again. Good luck!
    2649 days ago
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