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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Today was the beginning of week 5 of my 0 to 1650 (mile) swim program. Last week, the set was 600 (24 lengths of the pool), 300 (12), 4x100, 4x50. The first day (three per week) was really rough, and it took 2 days for me to recover enough to be able to do any sort of work out. The next 2 swims weren't as bad; day three we even combine the end of the set to make 600, 300, 600 in prep for week 5. Recovery wasn't too bad.

Week 5 is as follows: 1000 (40 lengths), 4x 100, 4x50. I have been nervous about this since yesterday and was still even as i got into the pool today. It all changed, though, as I started to swim. Lap after lap. As I approached 40, I realized that I could do more, and decided "what is 26 more..." So, I swam the whole 1650 (66 lengths without stopping). My bf swims faster than me so he ended up doing 1900 (he swam the same amount of time). It took 47 minutes. Yes, I am slow. The average swimmer can do it in about 30 minutes. But, I doubt there are that many women my size that have accomplished this! Most people I see at the pool are swimming sidestroke or breaststroke, and usually stop for a rest after one or two lengths!

Even more surprising, I wasn't exhausted afterward. I felt so good, my boyfriend and I did weight loss yoga (biggest loser dvd), too! I am going to sleep well tonight!

I'm extremely proud of myself and feel very accomplished. I have had quite a number of sparkfriends mention that they wanted to start swimming, but wanted to lose more weight before they start. This, I say to you: Don't wait!!! You can do way more than you think you do. Just get in the water and go! I find that sticking to a certain swim set rather than "swim for 20 minutes" makes it much easier to swim for 20 minutes (or up to an hour as some of my recent swims have been!). Stop caring about what other people think about you in a swimsuit and get in the water! You regret it, I swear. Plus, most people at the pool aren't exactly supermodels anyway. Do what you love!

Now, the question is, what next?! I skipped the last 2 weeks of the program. I think I will continue swimming 2-3 times a week, with one day doing the straight 1650, and the other day doing a 2000 swim set (broken up) with different strokes added. I want to eventually work on butterfly, but not quite yet.

I also am going to attempt the C25k running again. It didn't go that well last year due to my asthma, but i have an inhaler and daily meds I take for it, so I am hoping it will go better this time around. I also live in a lot less polluted area, which helps also.

I can also tell that my strength training is working, as I as able to do actual modified pushups during the yoga dvd today instead of the sort of half way thing I was able to do before.

And, as Dory says,

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