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Me - The Spin Instructor!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

About 6 weeks ago, I got hired for a new job in Virginia. We're looking forward to the move, but in the meantime, I am still plenty busy in my current job.

Last month, during a weekly scheduling meeting, my 20-something front office assistant throws down on me.

"Hey boss, maybe you should come do one of our spin classes one of these Thursday'll see how it's done!"

In my head I quoted Richard III, "So wise so young, they say do never live long", but out loud I just peered over my glasses and said, "Maybe I should just come in and teach one of your damn spin classes and kick all your asses while I'm at it"

20-something perks up, "Do you want to teach? That would be cool!"

"Sure sign me up.....and bring an oxygen tank, you'll need it"

With everything else going on, I relegated this conversation to the interesting but irrelevant compartment of my brain. But bright and early Monday morning he hits me up with, "So are you ready for Thursday.....I put the word out, it's going to be packed! Everybody want to see what's on your playlist. I bet them it'll be full of KC and the Sunshine Band!"

"Listen you little sh!t you just make sure I get a clean bike, that the sound system works when I plug in my iPhone.....and that I have your mommy's number to call when you collapse onto the floor and start crying out her name!"

Needless to say, Wednesday night I got to cracking, putting together a high energy playlist for Thursday's class

Sure enough, it was packed this morning. Every bike was taken and everyone smiled a sh!t-eating grin that said, "get ready, the boss-man's gonna take us to Funky Town!"

20-something guy comes over to me, "You OK boss? You know it's totally different being up here in the front of the class than being one of the riders"

"Listen monkey-boy, I have spent my whole professional life enjoying being in charge, I think I can handle a spin pass me your mommy's phone number"

I gave everyone a couple of safety cues (have water handy, ease up on the resistance if you get tired, slow down if you need to), then eye-balled the front row that filled up with slim-trim Crossfit beasts and said, "All of you guys keep up the best you can....raise your hand and I'll administer CPR if you need it"

And off we went!

I gave them 50 minutes of fast/low resistance down hill, slow/hi-resistance uphill, got them out of their seats, back in their seats, had them belt out victory cries when we pushed real was a beautiful thing!

At the end we stretched it all out for 10 minutes and took a group photo (I suspect it'll re-appear in some gag going away gift). A bunch of them came up and said, "Wow, that was brutal", "Man you made us torch off some calories today!", and my favorite, "Hey those were some great tunes!"

One plump lady in her 40s came over and said, "Wow I can't believe what a sweat I worked up!"

"That's good," I said, "sweat hardens up into muscle!" She grinned and walked away happy

So now I know that I have some post-retirement options.....apparently I can successfully plug in an iPhone and get a room full of people to pedal in unison!

Here are my Digifit results

I actually got in a good workout while I was at it!

Have a great night Spark friends!
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